Rumble Huang

Hi, I'm Rumble Huang, a full stack Ruby on Rails developer with back-end, front-end and server management skills. And also an indie game maker.

Senior Software Engineer
Taipei, Taiwan
[email protected]


Programming languages

     Ruby       Javascript   


   Ruby on Rails       React       RGSS   


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Chief Engineer

Aug 2016 ~ now

• Optimize PaGamO website speed. Reduce the number of requests from 163 to 60 and page size from 9.8MB to 2.7MB. 

• Improve PaGamO's rendering performance. Reduce the CPU usage from 18-23% to 11-15%. 

• Improve the performance of PaGamO core APIs by 30-50% and reduce the number of SQL queries by a half. 

• Identify and remediate RCE vulnerabilities in PaGamO. 

• Develop a new information security policy, patch and vulnerability management processes for BoniO. 

• Develop several strategies for fast leaderboard calculations in PaGamO with 3M players over multiple categories. 

• Setting up automatic API documentation generation for PaGamO.

Software Engineer

Mar 2014 ~ Aug 2016


• AWS cloud server operations.
• Developing a tool to upload assets to Amazon S3 automatically and parallelly.
• Build a logger to record server error logs and slow request logs to help engineers trace bugs and improve performance of the system.
• Responsible for code reviewing and merging of all the PRs.
• Developing tools to extract content from docx, adjust the display, and convert it to pdf or html in batch.


• Design core game mechanics of PaGamO, the first online gaming platform for education.
• Rewrite the game with canvas from html DOM to improve the performance.
• Designing and implementing 100+ game props, terrains and terrain tree routes.
• Developing a tool to pack and compress images to sprites automatically.
• Developing flexible buff/debuff system in the web-based game.
• Developing boss battle system which supports 1000+ players battling with one boss at the same time.
• Add themes to the game, allowing we to change the game to "ocean style" or "machine style".

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Undergraduate Research Scholars, National Science Council

Apr 2014 ~ Jun 2014

Developing a tool to analyze network log data of Academia Sinica (Taiwan). Dealing with more than 20GB of data per day in 15 minutes.


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National Taiwan University

Master's degree, Electrical Engineering, GPA 3.85
2015 ~ 2017

National Taiwan University

Bachelor's degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, GPA 3.39
2010 ~ 2015

Open source contributions

• Contributed 18 gems with 700k+ downloads and 600+ stars on GitHub.

• Has contributions to open-source projects: rails, webpacker, rubocop, redis-objects, rubymotion...etc.

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