Khoo Wee Chern

Actively looking for automotive field engineer position, shall I submit my resume and works to you? 

Graduated from the Department of Mechanical Engineering. In the future, I will actively invest in engineers to dedicate automotive industry and motorsports. It is my mission to make the best car and create influential parts is my spirit.

Because of my passion for racing and car technology, my first job(Car Editor) was to have contact the car factory and modified factory. As the company held auto racing called 'Option Cup' and needed me to support, I recognised racing teams and I learned that the relationship between the automotive industry and motorsports of development are inseparable because the high-tech of race cars is leading in future vehicles. 

In addition, tournament director of Option Cup appointed me to invite 3 FSAE(Formula Student) teams to Penbay International Circuit (PIC) for the first testing their race car. Through the communication with teams, the shortage of funds, race car break down earlier, the strategy of track, the adjustment of the testing time were solved. It is to exposure the little-known of FSAE, and let everyone know that the engineering theory can be turned into reality and create a formula car, which is learned that a best car or parts must withstand high-intensity testing in order to know their own design expectation and how to convince consumers to buy it, including the high-tech development of tires which are less concerned with consumers. During my period of car editor, I have edited various system enhancements and racing techniques to make me as a technical fan. Besides, I am a tire R&D engineer now and cooperating with Go-Kart racing team to develop racing tire that can gain racing experience for me. Also, our team do research the latest tire technology and build up the standards of internal structure and tread pattern design to development unit recent. As the off-road outdoor test field has be done, we have to design tire outdoor test method in the future.

Based on the desire to create a way to change the life and enjoy better cars to the next generation, I believe that my mechanical expertise and understanding of the consumer's car needs when joined the car editor and started to be an tire R&D Engineer that help me to challenge the journey of automotive engineer and even making the best cars that exceed expectations. It is because learning and creativity constantly is a wonderful thing. I hope to have a chance to meet with you.

Tire R&D Engineer


[email protected] 

live:1992chern   (Skype ID)

+886-919222714 (Whatsapp)/+6016-6760772(Malaysia)

Work Experience

Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co.,Ltd , R&D Tire Engineer , Jul 2019~until now

It is listed as one of the top 10 tire brands in the world. It has a technical cooperation relationship with Toyo Japan and sold with under the brand 'MAXXIS', and has factories in China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Also, I am working at R&D department of BIAS advanced technology.

•To design experiment with specimen then building up with standard structure and rubber chemical design to solving tire puncture issues by off-road and on-road use and etc.  

•Building up with standard tire pattern design by which can improve drain performance effectively to emphasize wet grip.


•To carry out CIK-FIA 2020-2022 verification of Go-Kart racing tire at Italy Sarno Circuit which the result had passed. 

•Cooperating with racing team to develop new Go-Kart racing tire which in accordance with standards of high performance by consumers.    


Proto Taiwan Co.Ltd, Taiwan Option Car Magazine Editor, Dec 2016 ~ Dec 2018

Launched by the magazine and developed into website platform,social media and activities for modified car and motorsport in the period. It uses to enhance the conception correctly in Taiwan and have a relationship with Japan and Malaysia Option. 

Option FB page search(Chinese ver. only): https://www.facebook.com/carnews.option/

My Employment Certificate: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-e5tuKdBQNO7GKcka1mhQzgovjj1VOH2

•Each month with colleagues had planned subjects about the engine, water cooling, ECU modified, intake and exhaust system, chassis, tires, paint and etc. for teaching the correct theory and modification concepts to improve the reliability of cars.The average number of people reached is 20,000/article on Option FB fanpage.

•Editing the modified car reviews regularly and tapping topical modified car in Taiwan and give reference for same car owners(including modified workshops).In 2018, I interviewed modified cars in Malaysia which is attracted more than 100,000 hits on Option FB fanpage.

•Editing the motorsport theme and racing technology regularly, and interviewed Taiwan famous race driver 'FIST Team AAI—Chen Jun San', ‘Roslyn Rally Sports—Roslyn Shen' , ’Team PSA Sport—Jeff Lu' which is attracted more than 100,000 hits. Also, I interviewed TCR track car(Civic FK8 & RS3 LMS) purchased by the team and attracted about 120,000 hits on Option FB fanpage.

•Supported the 'Option Cup' held by the company and invited 3 Taiwan Formula Student Teams(FSAE) to Grade 2 PenBay Circuit for 20 minute test drive which is attracted more than 1000 visitors. In addition, I was being edited FSAE subject with the aim of encouraging college students to participate in this internationally competition.In Taiwan has added 3 new teams to participate it on September in Japan.



Taiwan National Chung Cheng University, Bachelor of Engineering (BEng), Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, 2011 ~ 2016     

•Bowling Alley—Maintained the machines to avoid frequent failures during crowds and to serve customers.

•TAIR WOEI INDUSTRIAL CO. LTD.—Assisted for designing product catalogue in both Chinese and English versions.

•Welding process and visited the factory —Took the welding process engineering course of institute and completed small thesis.

•Maker Village Exhibition—Participate in production and complete the exhibits as scheduled(large 3D hologram projection at Solar Maker Exhibition)

•Oversea Chinese Association—Acted as drummer, finance,secretary, field director when cultural week or party was held.



Analysis Software

•Ansys Workbench

—Static Analysis      —Linear Buckling Analysis

—Modal Analysis    —Optimization  Analysis

—Fatigue Analysis

—Thermal Analysis

  CAD Software

  • Auto Cad Mechanical 2D & 3D
  • SolidWorks
  • Catia
  • 3D Design(3D Printing) 


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC


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2020-2022 CIK-FIA Go-Kart Tire Verification

CIK-FIA verification aims any racing parts which racing team are used them to participate championship by FIA. As the verification Go-Kart tire, mainly for outdoor 250km/150km endurance test at Italy Sarno Circuit which it has 8 tire manufacturer in there. Although our Maxxis passed it, according racing team feedback to us that the tire isn't enough dry grip while go into high-speed cornering which the understeering was happened. The next generation of CIK tire we will do benchmark with top 3 brands to determine the improvement issues. 

Cooperating with Go-Kart racing team/dealer

To developing new Go-Kart racing tire which in accordance with standards of high performance by consumers. We are always to racing circuit for testing our new product to verify the improvements whether it works through the racing experience with championship racing team.

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Design the tire puncture test experiment of specimen

Off-Road tire have met puncture issue frequently on dirt especially with racing. In order to improve it and save cost/time, we have started to design puncture resistance test experiment by using semi-product specimen and tools for placing specimen to observe puncture energy, force and displacement. If works then it will increase strength rate through end product puncture test.

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FSAE Formula Student Racing

Formula Student Racing Team(called FSAE) is a university students race car engineering competition sponsored by Society of Automotive Engineering(SAE) in America.It encouraged students to design and build a formula race car and drive their own cars to compete with others to training be engineer and racer.In 2017, they are invited to Option Cup held by company and go a track at Penbay International Circuit to have a high intensity test and detect problems earlier before to Japan.

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J.A.S Civic Type-R FK8 TCR

D2 Racing who is a rim and shock absorber manufacturer in Taiwan had bought two Civic Type-R FK8 TCR.The chassis are used in many ball joint,reinforcing bar and spot welding to enhance strength.Shorten the intake pipe by moving up and tilting the intercooler and taking the heat away.In addition, the standard racing wide body of aero kit and chassis flattening perfectly can make highest stability at high speed which is an approachable standard factory car to WTCR.

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Audi Sport RS3 LMS TCR

BC Racing who is a rim and shock absorber manufacturer in Taiwan had bought two Audi Sport RS3 LMS TCR.The chassis are used in many ball joint,reinforcing bar and spot welding to enhance strength.Due to WTCR using only 1.75L to 2.0L four cylinder turbo engine, Audi Sport let RS3 LMS TCR by using with the same Golf GTI as EA888 engine, and the Quattro system is cancelled which is used in FF drive. It is an approachable standard factory car and Audi Sport scored in WTCR with ambition.

Young Engineer is Reformed Electric Go-Kart

A Xing Mobility engineer who graduated from Dep. of Mehanical Engineering at Virginia Tech University in U.S. developed electric racing technology which can output large power instantly.In order to touch the limits of new technology,he used retired 125c.c. karting transformed into electric go-kart and called 'Rovilus Falcon 3.0'.

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Tuning Golf GTI MK7 has 400whp++!

After becoming mainstream modified with GTI, and rigorous monitoring Siemens ECU was also cracked the OEM program by CPA Taiwan brands of ECU.It has widened the allowable range of values successfully, just like this GTI MK7 is keeping the state of original engine body,electronic blow-o" valve and throttle body,it can withstand 2 bar high pressure of turbo..Even if put on the whole straight downpipe through exhaust pipe, the oxygen sensor continues as a feedback signal to ECU as a parameter for fuel injection and air intake and the error light will not be lit inside the meter.

Toyota Vios 4AT Changes to 5MT

This was modified Toyota Vios in Malaysia.It has a series of modification to race at Sepang International Circuit and replace the 4AT transmission into Yaris RS 5MT gearbox from Japan which have 4.312 final ratio to output 120hp/14kgm and took the hot lap at 2:53. According to my follow-up, the owner has also strengthened the piston rod and crankshaft of this 1NZ-FE engine and a full roll cage as a track car,the hot lap has improved by 2 seconds to win the champion of time attack 1500c.c. NA open group.This reviews attracted more than 100,00 hits on Option FB fanpage. 

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Engine Modification to Improve Performance

It is mainly about the modification of large power, the cylinder head and block parts should be strengthen to improve the reliability of engine(regardless NA or Turbo engine).This article explains the function and enhancement of each parts seperately, which is attracted more than 100,000 hits on Option FB fanpage.

OEM Exhaust Pipe vs Modified Exhaust Pipe

This subject is mainly to let everyone know the difference between OEM and modified structure of exhaust pipe, as well as street car modified exhaust pipe(middle-tail part) will enhance power.We use original Luxgen U6 GT220(Taiwan brand) to compare the modified exhaust pipe and test drive,which attracting more than 100,000 hits on Option FB fanpage.

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Damper Modification

Introduced species of damper(single tube/twin tube) ,what adjustable shock absorber is tuning?(including a modified shock absorber is 1 Way/2 Way/3 Way/4 Way) and the arranged track car of damper(ball joint bearing upper mount, aluminum shock body, gas cylinder plug,height adjustable and etc.) is how to cope with extreme racing environment. It is to install consumer for shock absober and set-up have right concept to find their own appropriate handling.

How to Know the Tires

The subject is divided into 'Construction of the Tire and Know the Label' , 'Know the Type of Tires' , 'Tire Production Process' , '10 Way of Tire Maintenance' of these chapter to give more aware of tires to everyone.

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Racing Technology

These articles about feature of high technology from racing circuit and how to apply the production car and understanding the advance relationship between automotive technology and racing.Articles is separated to sequential gearbox,brake,aerodynamics,carbon fiber,KERS system and etc.

ANSYS Structural Analysis Crank and Gearbox Casing

This is a ANSYS course(Academic) by Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, to analyse the simulating static state of the crank and gearbox casing inside engine.

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ANSYS Thermal Structural Analysis Throttle Valve

This is a ANSYS course(Academic) by Industrial Technology Research Institute of Taiwan, to analyse the simulating thermal steady-state and modal state of throttle value.

Using Visual Basic to Simulate Engine Dynamics

This is a course called 'Machine Dynamics' in university. It uses force analysis to coding prototype of application and simulates the influence of engine mass and moment of inertia which is used as a design or tuning engine of reference. (This is assignment of class)

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Is That Welding Process Engineering?

This is thesis who institute course of welding process engineering.The mainly about the trend of welding and visited the well-known manufacturer of welding material in Taiwan which is called 'GOODWELD', get experience and understanding of the production SMAW welding, GMAW of CO2 welding and FCAW powder welding to exhibit different welding way.

Be the best motor engineer, I 'd like to get a race experience for myself to have more ideas to create the best product. It is a irreplaceable joy for engineer. So, could I have a chance to share this joy with you?

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