Kilin Tsai

A self motivated guy, data scientist, and digital transform consultant

mobile : 0936810212
mail : [email protected]


National Cheng Kung University, Master, IE/IIM, 2015 ~ 2016

National Cheng Kung University, Bachelor, IE/IIM, 2010 ~ 2014


Welhunt, Chief Data Officer, Nov 2020 ~ NOW

1.Build and manage a data team of 10 from scratch, responsible for forming strategic data transforming plan for company.
2.Build and design data center for data storage and integration data from different sources.
3.Design team KPI directly with CEO to motivate and quantify the contribution of teamwork.
4.Customize personal growing path for each member and build a sharing and life-long learning team culture.
5.Collaborate with PM and vendor to design the ERP system in order to accelerate operation efficiency.
6.Design and develop automation platform for multiple departments to provide real-time information and speed up the data gathering process from weekly degree to daily degree, the platform also reduces the routine workload up to 50%.
7.Design and teach introduction courses of AI and ML for whole company to including CEO, in order to cultivate the data driven culture.
8.Leverage AI and ML technology to build end to end service in order to increase company’s profit margin and improve the quality of decision-making.

self goal, Side project, Nov 2017 ~ 現在

side project:
1.NBA game prediction
2.stock analysis system
3.Lego inventory data visualization
4.Django personal blog
Competition experience:
1. Card fraud detection(T-brain)
2.House Pricing prediction(T-brain)(Top10)
3.stock prediction(T-brain)
4.Sea Shore garbage prediction(ITRI) (Champion)
Other measurable self-goal:
1. 50 books per year
2. 50 online courses per year
3. Read Harvard Business Review per month

Wistron, Data scientist, May 2018 ~ Oct 2020

Project Experience :
1. Develop DELL inventory automated report system
2. Develop Keyboard production anomaly detection system
3. Design and develop SBG inventory prediction system (reduce 30% inventory cost/Year)
4. Be lecturer of digital transformation




Data/Business Analysis

Digital transform consultant


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