During I was study at the university, Taiwan was at the peak of electric foundry. I decided to learn the firmware development as my future ambition. In the senior year, I was lucky to get in touch with the beginning stage of DVR and started the career of image processing. From PC base, standalone, NVR to IPCAM. The compression format from M-JPEG, MPEG, MPEG4 to H.264. But due to the low-cost competition from mainland and 2008 financial tsunami, I decided to change the direction of career at the same year. Then I got in touch the Smart Grid industry in the fate and it was growing up slowly. I Joined the Taipower AMI system, Distribution automation system and micro-grid system in this period. I developed the energy management system based on the IOT concept and excepted to collect the big data to learn AI model such as load forecasting and demand response. In the future, I will continue to look forward this goal.

Software/Firmware engineer
TauYuan City, TW
[email protected]



Information an Computer Engineering, Chung Yuan Christian University, 1998/09 - 2003/06

Skills                                                   Languages

Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • Swift
  • python
  • C#
  • IEC 1131-3 STL
  • Object-C
  • Shell script

  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
Operating Systems 
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • iOS
Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Xcode
  • Code Composer Studio 
  • ATMEL Studio
  • Keil μVision IDE
  • CodeWarrior Development Studio
  • WebOP Designer
  • Silicon Labs IDE
  • ModBus
  • SNMP
  • DNP 3.0
  • CANOpen
  • ftp
  • RTSP
  • VDSL2
  • TALQ
  • MQTT

Chinese: (Native Speaker)
  • Listening (Elementary) 
  • Speaking (Elementary)
  • Reading (Intermediate) 
  • Writing (Intermediate)


Senior Engineer @ Chung-Hsin Electric Machinery Manufacture Corp.  2010.9 ~ 2018.11

  • Project : Taipower AMI Concept 
  • Detail : Programming the protocol of ANSI-12.22 and defining the format of the upstream for Head-end. Developing firmware of collector for AMI and jointing to define the communication protocol of PLC and Zigbee with the suppliers.
  • Project : IDB Communication Gateway Technology Development Program
  • Detail : Converting the collection Modbus data of devices to DNP 3.0 protocol and upstreaming to SCADA. 
  • Project : 5~45kW Energy Management System 
  • Detail : Integrating the green energy from solar panels and small wind turbines, battery storages and hybrid inverters to built chasing power mode, recoverable mode, time electricity price mode and communication control mode for reaching the highest green energy ratio. THE last goal is meeting the energy policy of government for energy conservation and carbon reduction. 
  • Project : XingLong Public Housing Smart Community System 
  • Detail : Base on the traditional power system to integrate the information and communication technology and energy storage system. Providing various intelligent control such as power dispatching and management by the operation concept of power supply during peak time and power storage from peak time. Improving the performance of both supply and demand effectively.
  • Project : South African Charging Station 
  • Detail : Using the DC 48V 5kW power provided by the company’s mass production fuel cell system, the DC 12V battery packs were be charged through the 48V-12V conversion board of the charging station. And the prepaid cards were used to manage the exchange of the battery packs. Supplying the power of house lighting, television or radio by battery packs on in the villages those didn’t have energy distribution system. So that can throve the seeds of civilization.  

Software Vice Manager @ CyberVision Inc. 2009.10 ~ 2010.8

  • Project : 64 Channel Network Video Recorder 
  • Detail : The all-in-one hybrid photographic system was developed by Linux GTK library, the compression format was H.264, the options of video resolution have 4:3, 16:9, Full HD, combining with variety of company IP Cam as a multi-function NVR.

Software Project Manager @ GENSISTECH Corporation 2008.10 ~ 2009.10

  • Project : GA-4120 16ch Full HD codec
  • Detail : Combining ARM 9 core and compression engine H.264 Decoder 720*480 120fps, H.264 Encoder 720*480 120fps, M-JPEG Decoder 720*480 120fps, M-JPEG Encoder 720*480 120fps. And supporting video system included Quad, Spot view, TV out, 2D Graphic Engine, Text OSD, Time stamp OSD. The storage interface : ATA 6 IDE Hard Drive.

R&D Manager @ HASTRON Corporation 2006.11 ~ 2008.9

  • Project : 4ch Standalone DVR 
  • Detail : Customizing the user interface, remote monitor streaming and video storage format by the core of Vinyard 4ch ARM MPEG4 SOC.
  • Project : 9ch Standalone DVR 
  • Detail : Customizing the user interface, remote monitor streaming and video storage format by the core of Vinyard 9ch ARM MPEG4 SOC.
  • Project : 16ch Standalone DVR 
  • Detail : Customizing the user interface, remote monitor streaming and video storage format by the core of NextChip NVP1114 16ch ARM 7 MPEG4 SOC. 
  • Project : 19” Security LCD Monitor 
  • Detail : Using Realtek 2523 chip with AUO, CHIMEI and CPT panels to create the user interface and fine-tune the analog video single per the customer’s request. 
  • Project : Combo DVR 
  • Detail : Combining the 16ch DVR and 19” LCD as one mechanism then adjusting and modifying according to the customer specification. 
  • Project : Digital Photo Frame 
  • Detail : Developing the 3.5” and 7” digital photo frame by Skimedi SK8850 solution. 

Senior Engineer @ Askey Computer Corporation 2006.4 ~ 2006.11

  • Project : VDSL2 Headend equipment 
  • Detail : Integrating Infineon VINAX VDSL2 solution and fiber-optic transmission in a bid to get CHT project.

Firmware Engineer @ ACULA Technology Corporation 2003.11 ~ 2006.4

  • Project : CCTV LCD Monitor 
  • Detail : Developing the main board driver firmware of CCTV LCD to combine Realtek, MorningStar chip dealers and CHIMEI, CPT, AUO and HannStar panels. Then fine-turning to match the conditions of mass product.

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