Baron Su (蘇柏豪)

focus on backend technology,familiar with java technology and good at analytical thinking

E: [email protected]  M: +886-963489375

Working Expeience

Innolux, 2018/09-Present

  • Set up Gitlab Sever for our team as administrator
  • Develop Gantt project management tool with bryntum gantt framework to improve user experience.
  • Develop  and split Automative Project Dashboard into 3 MicroService modules with Spring Cloud as designer
  • Setup Kanban for our team as administrator
  • Develop NTDP Module, Comparison Engine and full text search (with ElasticSearch) of Product Lifecycle Management System (PLM) as developer.
  • Develop RFI/RFQ Tracking System (Design Win Monitor) with JSpreadsheet to fulfill spreadsheet like function.
  • Upgrade Knowledge Management (KM) System from Java 6 to Java 8 as designer
  • Develop Optical Brightness Simulation System(OBSS) with Vue.js  to achieve dynamic form value calculation.
  • Develop Long Term Product Portfolio Toolkit (LTPPT) with full attributes dynamic query as designer
  • Develop a function for maintaining a tree-like manufacturing process structure of Product Profitability Investigation Kit (PPIK) 

Shine Peaks, 2017/12 - 2018/07

  • Develop API Gateway for backend microservices
  • Develop game interface and e-wallet APIs

Sunbird, 2016/03 - 2017/11

  • Develop PowerIQ features including Door Lock
  • Develop license portal with Angular JS 2
  • Develop angular ui-grid component which is used in dcTrack

Taiwan Mobile, 2009/04 - 2016/03

  • Responsible for daily operation, issue handling, feature development in
  • Develop pre-paid card web portal for tourists from Mainland China
  • Stress Test and Scale Horizontally (up to 50 AP instances) for iPhone preorder campaign
  • Develop features for calculating telecom prepay amount 
  • Develop back office feature.
  • Develop Settlement Engine system calculating settlement between myfone store and suppliers
  • Develop Catalog Sales Entry system serving as down stream channel of myfone in direct selling store of TaiwanMobile 
  • PG leader in down stream projects of myfone: CSE, STE
  • Replace search engine with ElasticSearch


  • Master of Information Management, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
  • Bachelor of Information Management, National Central University

Implementation Experience And Framework

  • PLM
    • Spring Boot(Proficient), Docker(Intermediate), Gitlab-CI(Intermediate), Spring Cloud(Intermediate),  Vue.js (Intermediate)
  • CSE, STE
    • Spring(Proficient), Hibernate(Proficient), ehance cache(Intermediate)
  • Power IQ
    • OSGi(Intermediate)
  • ApiGateway
    • ELK(Intermediate), Spring,(Proficient)
  • license portal
    • Slim(Intermediate)
  • Electronic Wallet
    • Spring(Proficient), Mybatis(Intermediate), MySQL(Intermediate)
  • Game Interface
    • Spring(Proficient), Struts2(Intermediate), MongoDB(Knowledge)


  • Winner of 2011, 2015 special award of IT department in TaiwanMobile
  • ApiGateway is the fastest sub-project deployed to production environment of Phoenix project in ShinePeaks  

Self-Learning Course

I learned the following online courses and earned certificate

  • Practical Machine Learning
  • Regression Models
  • Statistical Inference
  • Reproducible Research
  • Developing Data Products
  • Explorative Research
  • Getting and Cleaning Data
  • R Programming
  • The Data Scientist’s Toolbox
  • mongodb for Java Developers

Personal Work

E2ASI : A Design of Extensible Event-driven Agent-based Simulation Infrastructure

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