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PaiChun Chang

Full Stack Developer  •  New Taipei City,TW  •  [email protected]

Five years of experience in software development. 

Can get started immediately of the maintain an old system or develop new features. 

Interesting in the development of front-end and back-end web page develop.


Cheer-Tech 2019.04 - now

Web pages develop using, mvc, javascript, db design using mssql and using hangfire, autofac to schedule grab data.

AirCastSystem 2015.11- 2019.04

Web pages develop using, mvc, javascript, jQuery, db design using mssql, postgresql.

星遊科技,2015.03 - 2015.09

Online game develop using unity.

Gamemag,2014.03 - 2015.03

Mobile game develop using unity, server side using Photon Server.

Zillians,2011.05 - 2012.01

ios game develop using c++, objective-c

BonusWinner,2010.06 - 2011.05

Back-end game develop using c++, python, db design using mysql.

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,2011.06 - 2014.03

Computer Science and Information Engineering master degree, subject Non-photograph-rendering

Chang Jung Christian University,1997.09 - 2001.07

Accounting  Bachelor degree.

Side Project 1: Angular Bookkeeping System

Angular + Angular Material + Angular-FlexBox + NGRX + Firebase = Angular Bookkeeping System

Side Project 2: Flask Restful Api for Finance

Flask Restful and request other = Angular Bookkeeping System

Side Project 3: Dotnet core Api for Grab finance data

Grab data from other website than store on mysql, using hangfire, autofac, dapper.

My blog: Develop-Note

Share my develop note and technology knows 

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