Kiwi Chen

23 years experience in IT industry, including:
* [7.5 years] product planning, product manager;
* [6 years] S/W team leader with over 10 staffs;
* [4 years] in S/W development

Professional Domain:
# IT: Internet/Intranet, SaaS, Enterprise applications, SAN/NAS, S/W development
# Cloud Service: AWS, GCP
# Banking/Securities: Credit card, EDC, ATM, home trading system, back office
# Retail: POS, ERP, Payment
# Project Management

  New Taipei City, Taiwan   


Sr. Product Operation Manager  •  UIC

五月 2017 - 三月 2021

# POS-related product development; customized project PM; requirement mgt. and scheduling; owner of maintenance and development processes; AWS service operation optimization; department management (RD & customer experience team);
# POS product management and service plan;
# Partner management - partners engagement & technical integration evaluation;
# Operation process enhancement;
# Optimization of cross-departmental processes, organization and external documents planning;
# Customer relationship management;

CTO  •  Enjar International Ltd

五月 2015 - 三月 2017

Responsibility :
# Lead R/D, operation teams with around 15 technical staffs;
# Development new function/feature service : 3-rd party delivery service, Ali-pay, WeChat, and 3-rd party payment based on SaaS cloud services architecture;
# Management all customer projects, prioritize tasks, co-ordinate PM, QA, customer service team;
# Transfer major cloud service from physical server into VM environment;

Major achievement :
# Provide stable POS services for helping customers operation over 1, 000 stores POS (Customers is including MNC chain stores).
# Improve the architecture performance, and complete the projects including Extend the different POS versions on both Windows/Android.

Technical Manager  •  Infortrend Corporation

十二月 2011 - 五月 2015

Responsibility :
# Plan and update qualification plan by weekly, and 3-5 Q pre-view roadmap updated (SAN & NAS);
# Eco-system solution planning & application innovation (including Drives/HBA/Switch/OS/AP);
# Response for integration product business revenue of selling 3rd-party HDD, SSD, HBA, Switch;

Partner program planning with business and technical certification, including :
# Drive vendors, like HGST/Toshiba/Seagate/STEC/Intel
# HBA/Switch vendors, like QLogic/Emulex/ATTO
# Application vendors, like Symantec/VMware/CommVault/Veeam/FarStone

Major achievement :
# Driving HDD business revenue 15% increase quarterly from year 2013.
# Create total solution including backup S/W, virtualization, VERITAS Storage Foundation for SAN/NAS product lines.
# Boot FC HBA/Swicth, and SSD business from zero to US$150K/Q.

RD Director  •  Enjar International Ltd

三月 2010 - 九月 2011

Responsibility :
# Lead around 12 software RD engineers;
# Build up POS cloud computing services architecture, design POS and back-end management subsystems;
# In charge of major customer projects, development new function/feature, and complete customization requirements;

Major achievement :
# Provide stable POS services for helping customers operation over 1, 000 stores POS (Customers is including MNC chain stores).
# Improve the architecture performance, and complete the projects go on line with cloud service made by pure Java solution and open source, like Apache/Tomcat, JBoss MQ, J2EE, SWING.
# Design and completed first EASY-Card payment integration project with Java application in restaurant chain-store.

Product Manager  •  SYSCOM

十二月 2005 - 二月 2010

Responsibility :
# Product plan, market position, plan road-map, preparing for production;
# Product annual sale forecast, promote events, management sale channels, and support presale;
# Management all customer projects, prioritize tasks, and plan product road-map;

Product portfolio is including :
# H/W: ATM, and card reader
# S/W: ATM monitoring, payment transaction switching, Securities company core system FO/BO, gateway for exchange center, FIX gateway, mobile trading, real-time market information system, reporting mgt., CMMI tool, asset mgt., anti-virus tools

Major achievement :
# Promote products with 35M sale revenue in 4 years.
# Create business plan for Vietnam branch, and provide total solutions for securities clients in Vietnam.
# Hold 6 seminars, and present products in 21 market events.


1992 - 1996


CSIE Computer Science Information Engineering



  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • MySQL
  • Java
  • Credit Cards
  • EDC
  • ATM
  • POS

  • English — 中階
  • Chinese — 母語或雙語
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