Kevin Dai

Personal Trait: 

Great team-player, problem solver, self-motivated, and able to work and study independently with less supervision. 

Work Experience: 

About two years of manufacturing industry work experience and a half year data analyst internship in a hospital.

Big Data Analysis Training:

I graduated with the Big Data Analysis training program from the Institute of Information Industry in 2021/11, and I have trained in programming skills ( Python, R, Java, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS), machine learning, deep learning, database as MyS, being familiar with the Ubuntu Linux system, and the Hadoop cluster.

  Taoyuan City, Taiwan     0965-022-505   [email protected]   


University of South Florida

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering  •  2018 - 2019    •  GPA: 3.74/4.0

Machine Learning: Engineering Analytics | Predictive Analytics
Database: Industrial Information Systems
Statistic & Probability: Statistical Design Model | Probabilistic System Analysis

Feng Chia University

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering and System Management  •  2009 - 2014

Licenses & certifications

Big Data Analysis, Institute for Information Industry

Issued Nov 2021   •  No Expiration Date



Repeat Buyers Analysis 

(The final project of Big Data Analysis, Institute for Information Industry)

  • Target:
    • To predict that after the customers receive and use the specific coupon, they will purchase the same product or not.
  • Method:
    • Data Exploration/ Data preparation/ Feature Engineering/ Data Modeling/Evaluate Results
  • Tool:
    • Python
      • (Numpy/ Pandas/ Sklearn/ Pyspark )
    • Tree-Based Models
      • (XGboost,LightGBM,RandomForestClassifier)
    • Hadoop-YARN-Spark
  • Result:
    • The prediction achieve silver standard in Kaggle's competition private leaderboard



  • Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib                                         (Data Preparation, Visualization)  
  • Scikit-learn                                                                     (Feature Engineering, Machine Learning)
  • bs4, request, selenium                                                        (web crawler)
  • Pyspark                                                                           (Spark Core,  Spark SQL)


  • ggplot                                                                                   (Data Visualization)
  • rpart                                                                                      (Machine Learning)


  • Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Windows, Anaconda, Jupyter Notebook, Spyder, Visual Studio, Google Colab, Eclipse. 

Hadoop ecosystem

  • Hadoop
    • HDFS, YARN, MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Hbase


  • Microsoft SQL
  • MySQL


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • D3.js
  • Flask

Statistic Application  

  • Matlab

BI Tool

  • Power BI
  • Tableau

Work Experience

Quality Assurance Engineer

SHL Medical  •  JUN 2020 - MAY 2021

Main Responsibilities
• Conducted the product quality management for the medical auto-injectors for our customer, Novartis Pharmaceutical Group,, to ensure that products comply with international quality specifications and customer requirements
• Led / participate in project-related quality activities (e.g. design control, change control, product release) and provide quality consultation to the team
• Led investigation, disposition, corrective and preventive action to generate Non-Conforming Material Report.
• Present accumulated quality data to customers and management
Identify trends of quality data with the usage of statistics and quality improvement tools such as MATLAB to prevent quality issues

Skills & Qualifications
• Knowledge of regulatory compliance: GMP (good manufacturing practice), QSR (quality system regulations), and ISO 13485
• Working knowledge of ERP (SAP) and MATLAB

Student Intern of Data Analyst

Florida Hospital Tampa  •  SEP 2018 - FEB 2019

Main Responsibilities
• Improved patient satisfaction by researching the operation and facility
• Collected, examined, cleaned, merged data by using R programming and Excel to conduct analysis
• Provided admittance, processes, and new patient recommendations to improve patient satisfaction.
• Presented it to stakeholders, my department, cooperative partners with positive response

Skills & Qualifications
• Understood the medical industry operation and data acquisition process
• Enhanced interview and teamwork through interview surveys and working with hospital employees
• Applied R programming skill in the project

Quality Control Engineer

Full Time, TA-I TECH  •  十月 2015 - 四月 2016

Main Responsibilities
‧ Monitored a team of quality inspectors to ensure manufacturing processes of Ceramic PCB meeting required standards.
‧ Assessed and simplified the QA process to enhance speed and accuracy
‧ Coordinate and report
‧ Conducted weekly training to improve and integrate the knowledge of inspectors
‧ Facilitated conflict resolution between workers to maintain an efficient, accurate and harmonious work environment

Skills & Qualifications
• Understood the manufacturing and inspection process of LED Ceramic PCB
• Built great work ethics, communication, and leadership from management and conducted weekly training.


Dr. Walter Silva 

Professor at University of South Florida

    [email protected]

Hadi Charkhgard

Professor at University of South Florida

    [email protected]

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