Ko Tai-Nien (Tony Ko)
Senior Software Engineer

[email protected]

Forward-thinking Software Engineer with background working effectively in dynamic environments. Fluent in Python, Golang and Typescript programming languages used to develop software within the software industry. Proud team player focused on achieving project objectives with speed and accuracy.

  Taoyuan City, Taiwan        


   Python      Golang      TypeScript      Database Design      REST API      Backend Development      Web Development      Linux      Docker      Kubernetes      MySQL      ReactJS      HTML/CSS      NoSQL (MongoDB)   


   English — fluent   

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer

Hyve Solutions  •  March 2021 - Present

▶ Job Responsibilities
- Led cross-departmental cooperation projects, including but not limited to hardware team, MSL team and SIT team.
- Visual defect detection module development, using image processing and machine learning technology to locate and classify defects (Python, OpenCV, TensorFlow)
- Experienced in designing and implementing the solutions for data scientists to do data analysis on structured data and unstructured data and for generating daily reports.
- Experienced in design and implement data collection system for production line and lab testing.
▶ About Achievements
- Production line visual defect identification and automation solutions, reduce more than 90% of manpower and effectively improve accuracy.
- The effective and robust microservice on Raspberry Pi was provided, and the efficiency of product development was increased by the way of edge computing.

Software Engineer

Hyve Solutions  •  April 2019 - March 2021

▶ Job Responsibilities
- Designed the protocol among the client, the API server and the equipment, implemented the API server (REST APIs) and deployed required infrastructures on Kubernetes to accomplish the whole process (Python, MySQL, Docker and Kubernetes)
- Created and maintained on-premise Kubernetes for services and infrastructures so that they can be scalable, highly available, maintainable and monitored (Docker, Kubernetes, Helm).
- Full Stack develops the company's internal platform for monitoring back-end service status, production line conditions, and remote drive testing
- Server automatic verification program development in production line
▶ About Project
- Backend service deployment (Kubernetes, Helm)
- Internal platform development (Django, React)
- Computer visualization defect detection (OpenCV, TenserFlow, Deep Learning, Machine Learning)
- Product verification program development, Stress Test, Monkey Test

Software Development Engineer in Testing

Eastern Home Shopping & Leisure CO.  •  April 2018 - March 2019

▶ Job Responsibilities
- Design and build the automated test frameworks and test suites for use in development and testing cycles
- Containerizing the integration process within docker.
- Experienced in Gitlab CI and Jenkins for CI and for End-to-End automation for all build and CD.
- Expertise in designing and implementing Selenium Automation Frameworks using Data Driven, Keyword Driven, Hybrid, Object repository, Page Object Model (POM).
- Extensive experience in Automation testing as well as manual testing.
- Proactively assist to avoid any intermittent software function problems and assist in product delivery to users.
- Working with business analysts for requirement understanding and sign off on the test cases
▶ About Achievements
- Led three QAs developing, documenting, and maintaining functional, technical, and business test cases
- Helps the company's front end and application teams with daily builds and containerization into the CI process.
- More than a dozen online application crashes have been found. The number of app crashes per month has decreased by thousands
- The number of hotfix for the product decreased from one to two per month to none.

Power Engineer

HTC  •  August 2017 - December 2017

▶ Job Responsibilities
- Processing HW integration test of Mobile phone to meet the quality.
- Take full responsibility for project checking, review and execution.
- Establish and maintain smooth communication and solid relationship with each function team through regular reporting, meeting and follow-up
- Provide diligent internal reports on project status and effective, timely issue tracking etc.


National Taiwan University

M.S., Mechanics, Institute of Applied Mechanics   •  2014 - 2016

- Research and development of non-destructive detection of lithium ion battery state technology
- Set up a laboratory for cyclic charge-discharge and state analysis of lithium-ion batteries

National Cheng Kung University

B.S., Mechanics, Mechanics - Department of Systems and Naval Mechatronic Engineering  •  2005 - 2009

Personal Project


A blog back-end API developed based on Gin. 

- Gorm
- logging
- Jwt-go
- Gin
- App configurable
- Cron
- Redis

React Daily Drink

https://github.com/tainenko/React-Daily-Drink A pure frontend SPA for daily drink order 


- React 
- React-Router 
- React-Redux 
- Formik 
- testing-library/react 
- Webpack

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