Kris Chiu

  • 2 Years of Operation Management Experience and 1 year of digital marketing experience, including product launching, digital transformation, and international market development & research.
  • Familiar with project managing, e-commerce, ERP & CRM launching, data-driven & agile operating, digital marketing, and community managing.


Working Experience

Operation Manager  •  EasyClean

July 2019 - Present

EasyClean is a leading cleaning electronics manufacturer/brand in Taiwan. As an early employee, I was able to work with cross-function teams, further be responsible for/initiate more projects, and interact with international partners.

Key Responsibilities: Operation project management, market strategy planning, communicating with cross-functional team members, and unfamiliar problem-solving.

Project Management:

  • Improve operation workflow: Improve through UX research and the implementation of SSOT (Single source of truth) in the maintenance department.
    • Result: reduce up to 30% of the float (slack) in product maintenance workflow, and increase 12% customer satisfaction.
  • Project plan create and monitor: Responsible for creating operation project plans (SoWs) and monitoring resources to complete operation projects.
  • Data/system integration: Responsible for monitoring and integrating international expansion project data into CRM (customer relationship management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, generating results and advice for sales teams, further assisting B2B deals and optimize projects outcomes.

Business Development

  • International market expansion project: Select and target opportunities by optimizing resources using MECE and other methodologies.
    • Result: Gain an additional 500k revenue and 2 high-quality local distribution channels within 1 year as the result.
  • Project Demonstration: Demonstrate operation analysis and best practices for staff and product advice to potential customers at the senior level.
  • Flexibility: Business travel to SZ China, Germany, and the Netherland for international operation expansion and targeted potential market research.

Market Research Intern  •  EasyClean

January 2019 - July 2019

Key Responsibilities: Generate market reports and marketing advice.

Marketing communication strategy & operation

  • Strategy: Create a target-driven Marcom strategy, according to the product-market cycle and other influential factors. Organic impressions grew 55% within 3 months.
  • Operation: Generate social media content and cooperate with visual content designers. Also responsible for managing several international exhibitions in pet & maternity markets.
  • Information Architecture & content organization: Design Chatbox & official website, decrease customer service waiting time by 70%, and increase 300% organic official website traffic.

Market Research

  • International Market Research: Filter international potential market by using MECE, 7Ps frameworks, and other second data to filter the markets with the best product/market fits.
    • Result: Accelerate potential market decision-making process (from 3 months to 3 weeks, saving 100+ man-day).

Designer Assistant  •  Taipei Fashion Week

December 2018 - December 2018

  • Interpreter for Fashion Designers and governors: Provide interpreter service during important private conversations for Designers and Governors.
  • Personal Assistant for Designer: Assistant of world-class fashion Designer, Mr. Malan Breton.


2021 - 2021


Google Project Management Certificate

2017 - 2018

University of Connecticut

Business Administration, Theatre

2014 - 2017

EF Academy,  New 

Business Administration & Management, Theatre


  • Project Management
  • Data Research & analysis
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Comprehensive


  • English — Professional
  • Mandarin — Mother Tongue
  • Taiwanese — Mother Tongue
  • Japanese — Beginner
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