I am a solution-oriented Project/Product Manager equipped with business logic and consultancy mindset, who also holds 7 years experience in software production, system implementation and CyberSecurity. I excel in agile development and with coherence, strive for the collaboration of cross-functional teams which includes engineers, stakeholders, and customers to ensure the deliverance of result-focused commitments.

個人為提供解決方案導向之軟體產品/專案經理,具備7年之系統導入及資訊安全相關經驗。目前為保險會計準則 IFRS17系統導入諮詢之資訊團隊專案經理,主要負責專案之資訊系統導入相關分析規劃及客戶溝通交付,另外也負責執行企業之資訊安全管理制度(ISMS)/資安評估之諮詢專案。過去曾擔任台灣/中國地區應用於多家期貨下單之金融軟體產品經理。擅長使用者需求分析及敏捷開發,同時致力於工程師、利害關係人及顧客之間的跨部門合作,以交付一定成果及品質之產品。

Product/Project Manager
[email protected]


資誠會計師事務所 PwC Taiwan, Manager, Jan 2018 ~ APR 2021

IT Project Manager at IFRS17 PMO team
- A major IT project manager who heads the IFRS17 IT implementation teams (first implementation consulting projects in Taiwan) 

- Planned and developed the IFRS17 IT implementation deliveries with stakeholders.

- 為台灣第一個 IFRS17(保險會計制度轉換)系統導入專案之資訊專案經理,負責資訊團隊之專案規劃及協助客戶執行各項系統導入工作,如提供客戶選擇合作系統廠商、相關系統及介接轉換方式分析。同時負責專案中之精算、會計及客戶端跨團隊溝通與驗收交付

Manager for Cybersecurity Project
- Held major responsibilities including planning and overseeing the CyberSecurity projects with banks and public sectors, totaling budget about NTD 4M each year.
- Executed the ISMS/PIMS and Security Assessment projects with the bank and public sector.
- Planned and developed the Cyber Security tools like phishing emails, DDoS on cloud platform and data analysis.

- 負責銀行、證券、政府公部門及金融監理機構之資訊安全管理制度(ISMS) 及資訊安全評估專案。專案期間協助客戶規劃相關資訊安全服務,並於專案開始後管理及監督專案相關進程以確保如期執行。每年約負責 400萬之相關專案
- 規劃、設計及開發資安檢測 DDoS 及社交工程等資安應用工具,並佈署於雲端平台測試

凱納科技 Hyena Inc., Product Manager for Applications, Jul 2017 ~ Oct 2017

- Collaborated with developers, product managers, and stakeholders to deliver the Hydrive Travel Assistant APP and Web Diagnosis System.
- Drafted the Software Agreement Contract based on characteristics of Software and Service.

- 負責電動腳踏車 APP 以及快速診斷系統規劃,並與工程師、產品經理及利益相關者協作以交付客製化產品,並負責以軟體特性為基礎撰寫相關軟體收費方案及合約

德國打工度假, Working holiday in German, Freelancer, Jul 2016 ~ May 2017

- Explored new places with creativity and limited budget.

- 學習新語言,同時以有限預算及創意規劃探索旅遊景點

艾揚科技 Ice Technology Inc, Product Manager for Fintech software, Jul 2013 ~ Jul 2016

- Managed and continuously improved 3 online futures/options trading software, including 2 DOM(Depth of Market for fast trading) software products developed from prototypes to online trading.
- Planned the first implementation project of AlgoStars to Taiwan Broker as the associate project manager. AlgoStars is the new generation trading platform which connects 16 exchanges and 90 brokers.
- Developed and wrote software specifications based on knowledge of futures and options.

- 管理及持續改善線上期貨/選擇權金融交易軟體及交付相關文件。包含開發及交付兩款由產品雛形發展之閃電下單介面。於任職產品經理期間以以期貨/選擇權知識持續發展產品及撰寫相關介面及規格
- 規劃台灣第一家之策略星(AlgoStars) 導入計畫協作專案經理,負責期貨商 API串接管理關導入流程。策略星(AlgoStars)為艾揚獨立發展之新一代交易平台,具有新一代下單介面、串聯全球多個交易所期貨報價、以及交易商之下單

廣達電腦 Quanta Computer Inc., Quality Assurance Engineer, Sep 2011 ~ Mar 2013

- Planned and executed testing projects every week to qualify the SIP phone which attends and demo in MWC.
- Studied and deployed OpenStack as private cloud platform for SIP phone management.

- 規劃及執行每周 SIP 網路電話之測試計畫。相關 SIP網路電話曾於 MWC進行參展
- 研究 OpenStack技術以佈署 SIP網路電話管理平台之私有雲平台


國立中央大學  National Central University, 資訊管理碩士(MBA),
Management Information Systems, General, 2008 ~ 2010

Research about electronic commerce and Facebook
Bachelor Theses: The Influence of User’s Privacy Concern and Websites Privacy Mechanism on Trust ─ An Example of Facebook Users in Taiwan

國立中央大學 National Central University, 資訊管理學士學位,
Management Information Systems, General, 2004 ~ 2008


軟體產品管理、軟體及系統專案管理、資訊安全、ISO 27001 LA 主導稽核員、Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)、國際電腦稽核師認證(CISA)、品質檢測、使用者經驗訪談

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