Kun Yi Li

I am a back-end engineer, being specialize in Python and Node.js and knowing C# and R, being willing to learn new technology and challenge tough project.

Back-end Engineer

Taipei Taiwan
[email protected]


Back-end skill





Front-end skill 







Working experience

Xingguoss Company Limited, Back-end Engineer, Sep-2020 ~ Present

Working Content:
・Maintain the Systems which have been developed.
・Develop new project, write technical document and git to control the version of system.
・Communicate with Front-end, Product Manager to reach best solution.

Achieve target:
・Spend one week knowing C# and Node.js, and now I can develop in Node.js independently.
・Develop "automatic quote function",  "read and unread function", "social message function" and so on.
・Structure the database schema and write the document, and develop the new project accordingly.

Yue Cheng Information Company Limited, Program Designer, Mar-2020 ~ Aug-2020

Working Content:
・Maintain and develop the Health Insurance System.
・Resolve the operating problem from user.
・Develop, test, and maintain the mission supervisor requires.

Achieve target:
・Develop the project "Alcoholism System" independently in React for 3 months.
・Program the restfulAPI to front-end, which can do CRUD in website.
・Access the case of data which user can search easier and preciser automatically everyday.
・Solve the problem from user and the problem they haven't figured out before.


National Formosa University, Bachelor of Art and Sciences, Department of Applied Foreigen Language, Sep-2014 ~ Jun-2018

Major: English 

Minor: Japanese, Vietnamess


On routine of my position, I need to maintain the company's system, solve the problem when user has question about product, listen the issue from user and provide the solution back precisely and quickly. For these reasons, I can be described as a flexible engineer with kind communication skill.

Below are the technologies and distinguishing features I am having:

programming ability: 
1. Python, Node.js and C# are my main program language, and I can use these to develop independently. 
2. Familiar with RDBMS and can design the structure according to the project. 
3. Familiar with Git, and know how to use GUI to get more efficient when I am developing. 
4. Familiar with back-end framework (e.g. flask, express and so on) and know how to connect with third part api. 
5. Familiar with useful library in python and Node.js. 
6. Familiar with React, used to develop React on my previous job. 

My personality: 
1. Learning ability: although I just spent one week learning C# and Node, can maintain and develop project fluently and rapidly.  
2. Self-demand: I always test my code with Postman before pushing to git, as I want to save colleague's time. 
3. Good communication ability: I can negotiate the best solution with front-end engineer and product manager when we meet the problem. 
4. Excellent writing ability: I will offer the easy-reading API file to my front-end and keep discussing before officially developing. 
5. Keep Beautifying code: I will be self-demand in my code, as anyone will read the code easily in the future. 
6. Enthusiastic attitude: I am willing to learn any technique which is full of commercial value. 
7. Full of responsibility: I can reach any request supervisor or manager requires.

I am an engineer in XingGuoss Corporation Limited. I am being responsible for maintaining, developing and coding all back-end project. I spent one week learning C# and Node.js to reach the expectation from my supervisor. If user have any ask they want to modify immediately, I can not only renew the program accordingly but accomplish the original needs at same time. These working experience proves that I am a flexible, responsible and good time-controlled engineer. 

I was an engineer in Yue Cheng Information Corporation Limited. I was responsible for project "Alcoholism System" independently before. In this case, I needed to access the case which some people were with alcohol addiction automatically everyday, and built up the front-end website to show the data for user. From beginner to end, researching, developing, testing and maintaining were dealt with by myself. That can prove I am an employee who can be designated mission and reach the goal. Besides, I always want to learn the technology I don't understand from my supervisor and colleague enthusiastically.

To sum up, I believe that I am qualified and suitable for the position due to my abilities and personality. I'll be your best choice. Thank you for your time. Hope I could earn an opportunity for an interview from your company. 

Sincerely yours 

Kun-Yi Li

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