Kun Yi Li

I am a back-end engineer, being specialize in Node.js, Python and knowing C# and R, being willing to receive new oppourtunity.

Backend Engineer

Taipei Taiwan

Email: [email protected]

Contact: +886 925320161


Program Language


















Working experience

United Digital Intelligence Company Limited, Back-end Engineer, Jan-2021 ~ Mar-2022

Achieve target:
・Enhance the speed from 1.1 second to 0.2 second on initial website in Redis.
・Promote user experience by Redis: Pub/Sub. User doesn't need to wait for the API response anymore and can receive the E-mail or sms immediately.
・Achieve the payment authorization, payment cancel authorization, asking for payment and refund by cascading payment flow with Newebpay and ECpay.
・Provide precisely outputs by adjusting setting value continually in ElasticSearch.
・Module different function to make a micro service structure.
・Save time from 10 second to 1 second when compile the apiDoc.
・Build the flexibly upgrading condition. User can set different condition in different level.
・Confirming the API I develop is unmistakable and can be tested in the future by programing frontend website Svelte.
・Provide the csv, excel file to user, then they can read precise report accordingly.
・Write docker file to deal with different system, environment problem.
・Notice the job schedule error immediately. Use Line and Jenkins to achieve this feature. 

Xingguoss Company Limited, Back-end Engineer, Sep-2020 ~ Jan-2021

Working Content:
・Maintain the Systems which have been developed.
・Develop new project, write technical document and git to control the version of system.
・Communicate with Front-end, Product Manager to reach best solution.

Achieve target:
・Spend one week knowing C# and Node.js, and now I can develop in Node.js independently.
・Develop "automatic quote function",  "read and unread function", "social message function" and so on.
・Structure the database schema and write the document, and develop the new project accordingly.

Yue Cheng Information Company Limited, Program Designer, Mar-2020 ~ Aug-2020

Working Content:
・Maintain and develop the Health Insurance System.
・Resolve the operating problem from user.
・Develop, test, and maintain the mission supervisor requires.

Achieve target:
・Develop the project "Alcoholism System" independently in React for 3 months.
・Program the restfulAPI to front-end, which can do CRUD in website.
・Access the case of data which user can search easier and preciser automatically everyday.
・Solve the problem from user and the problem they haven't figured out before.


National Formosa University, Bachelor of Art and Sciences, Department of Applied Foreigen Language, Sep-2014 ~ Jun-2018

Major: English 

Minor: Japanese, Vietnamess

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