Kyle W. Dennis

Kyle Dennis is an entrepreneur and professional trader in Nashville, Tennessee. He has acquired a wealth of knowledge in trading through the online trading program, Raging Bull Trading. After achieving success in trading, Kyle Dennis decided to open his own trading program, Biotech Breakouts, which focuses on biotech stock trading. Today, he works as a professional trader and educator for Raging Bull Trading, while he runs his Biotech Breakouts program. In 2019, Raging Bull Trading was named one of the fastest-growing privately held companies in America as part of the Inc. 5000 List. Some of his other programs that are offered through Raging Bull Trading and Biotech Breakouts include Sniper Report, Dollar Ace, Fast 5 Trades, and Trade With Kyle.

Professional Trader
Nashville, Tennessee US
[email protected]

What Is RagingBull.com?

Learn more about what Raging Bull Trading is, and how it helps traders achieve success with trading. 

Work Experience

Founder, Biotech Breakouts, 2018 - Present

Biotech Breakouts is an education trading program focused on trading in the biotech stocks. Biotechnology stocks provide investors with a large opportunity to make money. The program was created by professional trader Kyle Dennis, who achieve success using his background knowledge in biotechnology, finance, and technical charting. Learn more about Biotech Breakouts.

Trader & Educator, Raging Bull Trading, 2017 - Present

Raging Bull Trading is an education trading program that is great for both new and experienced traders who are looking to master the art of trading and the stock market. The program is designed and run by professional traders that have experienced significant success in stock trading, and are dedicated to helping other traders find success. Learn more about Raging Bull Trading.


University of California, Los Angeles

Bachelor's Degree, Biology

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Trading Blog

After experiencing significant success in biotech stock trading, Kyle Dennis wanted to share his own strategies that uses everyday. He also keeps a monthly blog that covers trading news and trending topics. View Kyle Dennis' stock trading blog.

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Entrepreneurship Blog

Kyle Dennis has always had the spirit of an entrepreneur, and founding Biotech Breakouts has only solidified that. He maintains a monthly blog that talks about the latest in entrepreneurship. See Kyle Dennis' entrepreneurship blog.

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Travel Blog

As a passionate entrepreneur, Kyle Dennis has always had a knack for traveling around the world. In order to share his insight on his experiences traveling, he started a monthly travel blog. See Kyle Dennis' travel blog.

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