Yukai Liao

Yukai Liao is a Service Designer/Design Researcher/Strategist, had experiences of leading or working with people from different cultural/professional backgrounds.

He devoted himself to deliver strategic planning through research. In his previous careers, he helped Walmart to optimize different types of internal operations, made business strategies for a global financial institute, and designed a new service for a global training institute.

He keeps learning new knowledge through every kinds of medias and applies it to daily life or work (e.g. AI-driven applications), and opens to any kind of field and challenges.

  Taipei City, Taiwan  https://yukai-liao-8nw5.squarespace.com      


Senior User Experience Researcher  •  AJA Creative

Dec 2021 - Aug 2023

Works as a senior researcher in a top-rated design consultancy in Taiwan. In charge of executing research, leading the project teams, and business development. The most important projects are:

1. Lead and execute a research project and make strategic recommendations about expanding businesses in the Taiwan area for a foreign bank. The project includes desktop research, 21 competitive analysis, 3 stakeholder interviews, 23 in-depth interviews, 600 valid questionnaires, 21 prototyping, and the final strategic recommendations. The project was finally presented to the president of the Taiwan area and the director of CX from their HQ.

2. Lead and execute a research project and make strategic recommendations about the new services and the website’s performance for an international training institution. The project includes desktop research, GA analysis, Hotjar, 8 competitive analysis, 5 stakeholder interviews, 6 in-depth interviews, 5 focus group discussions, 1 prototype, and the final strategic recommendations. The project was presented to the board of directors and got a 30 out of 30 satisfaction feedback.

Design Researcher  •  Walmart

Jun 2019 - May 2021

Worked as a design researcher/service designer in the UX team of the digital transformation department. In charge of executing research and project management. The major responsibilities are:

1. Evaluate existing internal digital tools or devices through quantitative methods(Diary study, CSAT, HaTS, SUS…etc), qualitative methods (in-depth, focus groups), and UX testing methods (heuristic evaluation, expert evaluation)

2. Advising optimization for internal operations by figuring out and defining the current problems, and making short-mid-long term suggestions.

3. Strategic recommendation for new services. Such as building imperial searching systems and the evaluation of company-wide remote working plans.

Freelance Service/UX Designer  •  Studio Achtzehn

Jun 2011 - May 2019

A part-time job while in school(undergraduate and graduate). Which includes projects from industrial design to user studies. The most important project was:
Worked with a dental clinic to do an overall analysis of their customers. Includes stakeholder interviews, field study, 1000+ surveys, in-depth interviews, service blueprinting, ecosystem mapping, encounter/user journey mapping, and recommendations including business model canvas developments. Also designed brand image and peripheral products as a plus to increase their brand value.

Service Design Intern  •  Charger/Changer Design Management

Jun 2016 - Aug 2016

Managed social media for gym by using UX research, increased engagement by 891% reaches, 194% likes, and 111% interactions within only 1 week. Participated in design research for 3 institutions, including cultural society, cancer-treating center, and home security company.

Industrial Designer  •  Parmir Water System

Jul 2013 - May 2014

Lead 5 people in the department of development, directly responsible to the owner of the company. Designed 5 new products, modified 48 products, 6 new sets of bathrooms, and developed new business models.


2015 - 2019

Savannah College Art and Design

Service Design

2008 - 2012

National Cheng Kung University

Industrial Design


  • Design Thinking
  • Design Research
  • Service Design
  • Business Model Canvas
  • holistic approach
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Presentation & communication skills
  • service blueprint
  • Ecosystem
  • Strategy Planning


  • Chinese — Native
  • English — Professional
  • Japanese — Mid