Laetitia Desnel

Customer support engineer / technical support engineer

  Tainan, East District, Tainan City, Taiwan

> French engineer, been living 15 years in the Netherlands at Eindhoven known for its technical university and its technology park. Currently, living in Tainan, Taiwan to face new challenges in a different cultural background.

> 10 years of experience in the semi- conductor and automation industry
> 10 years experience in technical support whether it's helping a customer setting up his new product at his plant, analyzing a failure on a return product, preventing a future failure by running preventive diagnostics or even contributing into optimizing processes in a fab , always been dedicated to meet customer's product Cycle Time and deliver a suitable, failure free and tailor made product that will last a Lifetime
> Strong team player who believes that shared expertise it's what will make a team successful
> Strong analytical skills and solution driven individual

> I am a curious mind and will always look out there and find ways to improve myself so I started to learn Python for data analysis and will hence learn how to build websites and apps from scratch.

Work Experience

Industrialization Engineer   •  ASML: a worldwide manufacturer of lithography systems for the semi conductor industry

November 2017 - March 2019

Mission of our group : Delivery of Machines to ASML Customers on Time, Target Cost Level and Quality.

Part of my role as a Manufacturing Engineer is to guard the process of building, adjusting and qualifying a NPI (New Product Introduction) type of machine with regards to Cycle Time CT:
- Identify current/former product actual KPI values: Availability, Cycle Time, part failures, errors, downtimes.
- Conduct in a mutli-disciplinary team the FMEA analysis .
- Review design documentations and add -up industrialization requirements.
- Write the impact analysis doc and support the fab with the right tools, building instructions, plant availability, mechanics, product design, knowledge.
- Create blue print in SAP ME for the machine blocks assembling sequence order.
- Write assembling procedures for the factory.
- Provide Knowledge Transfer/Trainings to the factory engineers and operators.
- Create list of required spare parts, tools, sequences for the dedicated product implementation into SAP system.
- Define Safety Stocks for parts.
- Prepare Opera database for retrieving performance data.

Part of my role is to support the factory @proto and pilot phase to ensure the quality of the production process. Also stimulate process improvements and lead risk assessment during the roll-out of a new system.

Support Engineer   •  Faulhaber Drive Systems: a family company headquartered near Stuttgart, Germany. Developing electromechanical miniaturized motion systems.

December 2015 - October 2017

Sales Consulting role where I advise the customer on choosing the best driving system to suit his/her application in the health and beauty sector, bioengineering, automation, robotics and sensors.

Lead on defect management:
- Responsible for the analysis of customer's defective driving systems using the 8D methodology to approach and solve the issue:
- Make up a containment action, then work towards finding the root cause, next perform PCAs i.e rework of defective units, deliver RMA's...
- Support the D&E and Quality team in implementing an action plan but also prevent the re-occurrence of the issue by changing the process parameters, documentation / specification or through tools like control plans or FMEA.

Technical support for the driver/controller platform:
- Give support for the 4 quadrant operating PWM servo controller and 2 quadrant operating speed controller :
Help the customer to set up the servo-motor/controller to match his/her application (commissioning),
troubleshooting mostly involves Ethercat, CAN and serial compatible system bus problems.

Inside Sales Engineer   •   Premier Tech Chronos: a worldwide manufacturer of flexible packing solutions for the industrial automation industry

June 2014 - October 2015

Part of my job consists in writing the quotation / design documentation where all the specifications of the machine including drawing and technical aspects are described.
Part of my job is giving technical support for the installed based machines in the customer production process:
The technical support occurs on line when it involves software issues i.e. inadequate use or misuse of the HMI control panel by the user, an I/O disturbance or a control signal issue through one of the controllers for example.
The technical support is on site when it involves specific hardware issues i.e. broken/defect parts .

Support Engineer   •   Astrata Europe (formerly Qualcomm Business Solutions Europe

January 2007 - May 2014

Technical Support (French, English, Dutch) for truck tracking systems:
Truck tracking systems transmit data to the fleet management software which collects necessary information about the vehicles condition and location: information such as fuel level, cargo temperature, driving style can be tracked but also driver's breaks.

Common issues I had to deal with are back-office software related i.e. router/internet configuration, carrier network unavailability, roaming issues, MSSQL server configuration, host server hiccups. But also hardware related: truck network configuration, power issues in the truck, signal losses, improperly mounted systems.


2000 - 2005

Technical University of Orleans (France)

Applied physics



  • High -end product (lithography machines, filling machines, miniaturized motions /driving systems, tracking systems, sensors)

  • Software platforms (SAP,  Defect tracking tools like JIRA)
  • Python programming
  • TCP IP network protocol


  • French (native)
  • English (fluent)
  • Dutch (fluent)
  • Chinese (beginner)
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