Lai Chau Koi

Full-Stack Developer with an Outstanding History in Creating Websites and Applications.

  52, Jalan 4/3, Taman Kiara, 77453 Jasin, Malacca, Malaysia

[email protected]


Certified Seasoned Full Stack developer with over 5 years and 10+ websites and applications experience in web and mobile development along with Blockchain as well. Can handle all aspects of websites and applications including SaaS, Real Estate, E-commerce, Social Media, etc. Especially, I have good experience in React.JS, Vue.JS, Angular.JS, C++, C#, Java, Android, Blockchain etc.
My main goal in life is to use my powers for good. I believe no job is too big or too small. Whoever you are a private individual working from home, a small business, a nonprofit organization, a well-established corporation, a digital agency, a startup, a small or medium software company - I will supply cost-effective solutions to meet your IT business needs.
My creed is true partnership: not to make one project and leave, but to build a partnership that will become a long-term cooperation with the client and their potential referrals. Therefore I will tell you what can be done within your budget and timeframe. We keep it real. 

Work Experience

Senior Software Developer & Lead Developer  •  Zetlink Solutions

February 2020 - March 2022

I have started working for Zetlink Solutions in 2020. I started my career as Senior Software Developer in 2020 and later I have been working as a Lead Web Developer. During my work here, I have good experience of Web Developing. 

  • Developed 5 mobile applications to solve an administrative need that is currently in use by family members.
  • Created 10 full stack websites with React.JS, Node.JS, Vue.Js, PHP. 
  • Assist the head of the web developer and collaborate with clients to provide a complex front- and back-end web development.
  • Optimize user experiences and maintain optimal workflow.
  • Improve search engine rankings.
  • Worked with teams of 12~15 developers to create applications intended to meet real-world needs, making

    use of test suites with mocha and chai, continuous integration with Travis CI.

Senior Software Developer  • Panda Software House Sdn. Bhd.

April 2017 - October 2019

After graduating, I started working in the IT Industry here in 2017 and started as Senior Software Developer. During my work here, Worked with 10 team members to provide end-to-end solutions for clients from various industries, including the banking, entertainment, and finance industries and improved, the skills of programming languages such as C#, Java, Python and C++, Web, Android.

And from there, I started working as a freelancer to learn new skills.

  • Developed 10 software applications to solve difficult problems.
  • Fix bugs and improve application performance
  • Transform designs and wireframe into codes
  • Collaborate with cross-functions teams to develop new features and designs


International College of Yayasan Melaka (ICYM)

  • Master's Degree of Diploma in Computer Science in collaboration with Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM)

  • GPA: 9395

2013 - 2016



Dine.Direct is a service that assists restaurants with managing online orders, drivers and arranging deliveries.

have participated in its development alongside the rest of the team as a Front-End developer, building designs from provided XD files and handling API integration.


Inscribed was my very first production-ready web application & API that I've built from scratch using the MERN stack. 

It is a note-taking application which serves the purpose of writing down notes & lists with additional features such as folder separation, note coloring and pinning.

Personal Blog

have built this site using NextJS, fetching data from a graphQl NodeJS Api, which relies on a db. I also added a small n-api addon as a small 'dabble' in C++ Project, helps parse a formatted text file and returns the appropriate json which is then stored in the db. The NextJS application is hosted on vercel, and the nodes servers are dockerised and hosted by myself.


Front-end development of responsive website based on Bootstrap

Online Catalog of Doors/Furniture

Following was done by me: Logo, Design, Front-end/back-end coding Custom CMS on Zend Framework


Web Development

   Node.js      React       Vue.js      Angular.js      PHP Frameworks   

Software Development

   C#      Java       Python      C++      Mobile Development   

Development Tools

   Microsoft Visual Studio      Git    MongoDB     MySQL      Visual Studio Code   

Other Tools

   Photoshop      Google Chrome    Excel     WinWord      BlueStacks   


   English — Professional      Chinese — Professional      Malay — Fluent   

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