lancetw aka Hsin-lin Cheng 

20+ years of experience in frontend and backend, development and integration. (2001 ~ now)

Full Name: Hsin-lin Cheng(鄭新霖

Education: Computer Science, Tunghai University, Taiwan (Bachelor's Degree)


Senior Front End Developer, Gemini Data, 2021 - present

Canvas & WebGL, React (TypeScript)/AngularJS (TypeScript), zustand, styled-components, RESTful & GraphQL, Docker/K8S

Serve as a Senior Front End Developer in a global company (Fully remote)

  • Problem-solving and Decision-making: Develop the front-end applications that support data contextualization, improve the full-stack architecture and provide ideas to cross-team, communicate with teamwork, and make better performance core products and components

Senior Front-end Software Engineer, Suiqui, 2017 - 2021

Ionic, React/Angular (TypeScript) , Python + Django + GAE

Served as a Senior Front-end Software Engineer in a startup (B2B), fully responsible for frontend architecture planning and UI/UX design, from scratch to development and deployment, independently integrate frontend (SPA) to launch multiple SaaS products, and use React/Angular (TypeScript) to develop PWA APPs

  • UI/UX Improvement: Develop the applications that supports displaying customers' 10,000+ items of data, and support uploading 1,000+ files and folders
  • Performance Boosting:  Support code-splitting and minify with webpack, split large codebase to achieve lazy-loading
  • Cross-platform Support: Improve the integration of mobile devices with PWA technology and follow up with the latest web standards
  • Professional Business Printing: Mixed-use of frontend and backend technology (Django Framework) to design reports in compliance with customer industry standards

Part-time Software Engineer, Hong Hua Environmental Protection and Digital Future Foundation, 2017

Material-UI, Python + Sanic + SQLAlchemy

Use the experience in the fire station to develop the news feed and scraper of "Mt. DaDu Project: Media and Public Opinion Briefing System"

Substitute Civilian Serviceman, Emergency Service Dispatch Section, Fire Bureau, Hsinchu City, 2016 - 2017

Vue, Golang + SQLite

Obtained the EMT-1 license, assist in the transmission of public opinion and disaster, actively develop fire news feed/scraper/notifier and Microsoft Office macros to achieve daily work automation and efficient execution

Freelancer and MBA Program2013 - 2015

jQuery + React, Node.js/PHP + PostgreSQL

Worked on a piecework basis, studied Information Management in Tunghai University


  • ECMAScript 2015-2022, TypeScript, React, React hooks, Redux, AngularJS, Angular 2-8, Vue, Node.js, End-to-End Testing
  • Functional Programming | Reactive Programming | Object-oriented Programming
  • Mobile/Desktop App Development with version control systems and CI
  • UI/UX experiences and sense, follow coding standards and love Best Practices
  • Python 2/3, Django/DRF, Unit Testing | Golang, Unit Testing | C (99) | Arduino | STM32
  • DevOps and Linux/Windows server maintenance (Nginx, Apache 2, Lighttpd, IIS 8, GCP, AWS, GAE)
  • PHP [Object-oriented, Laravel, CodeIgniter] | Java [J2EE, Struts, Hibernate ORM, Spring]
  • Microsoft Office macro (Word, Excel, VBA)

Gemini Data: Stellium & Dashboard (2021 - 2022)

Collaborate with elite colleagues in global teams to create React applications that produce highly usable and highly maintainable complex applications for customers

Suiqui: Customer Support PWA APP (2021)

  • Fully responsible for planning and designing customized dynamic form editor, message/attachment upload and multimedia browser interfaces
  • Provide the client form to upload the attachments from the mobile device, and the customer service system can manage the status and report back in real time
  • React + TypeScript + Redux-Observable + RxJS

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Suiqui: Document Library PWA APP (2020 - 2021)

  • Fully responsible for planning and designing unlimited levels of folder browsing and mass uploading and multimedia browser interfaces
  • Simply drag and upload multiple files or folders to automatically perform version control, support cross-platform browsing and downloading
  • React + TypeScript + Redux-Observable + RxJS

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Suiqui: Daily Report PWA APP (2018 - 2021)

  • Fully responsible for planning and design mass photo browsing interfaces, a schedule delay analysis system and dynamic table editors, and user-defined menu editing interfaces
  • Provide daily report writing, photos uploading, digital handwritten signatures, dynamic filtering and reports export of periodic statistical
  • Design multiple customized printing solutions of "public construction daily report and record" and photo album templates
  • Angular + TypeScript + HttpClient + RxJS, Python + Django

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Suiqui: Checklist PWA APP (2017 - 2021)

  • Fully responsible for planning and design uploading, batch editing and mass photo browsing interfaces, and user-defined quick check process menu editing interfaces
  • Provide various checking functions, upload photo files, digital handwritten signatures, and dynamic filtering and export the tracking report of quality defects
  • Design multiple customized printing solutions of "Self-Inspection Sheet and Checklist" and photo album templates
  • Angular + TypeScript + HttpClient + RxJS, Python + Django

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Suiqui: Project Management PWA APP (2017 - 2021)

  • Fully responsible for planning and design upload, task list tracking and instant messaging, group and tag editing interfaces, and an account center management system
  • Provide various project tracking functions, upload attachments and zip downloads, task message management, report output 
  • Angular + TypeScript + HttpClient + RxJS, Python + Django

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Side Project

JavaScript (ES6/7) 

Implement Universal Javascript (React + Node.js) to make a cross-platform application with SEO, and migrate the original MSSQL database system to PostgreSQL/IIS 8.

Python 3

Use Python 3  to deliver an NPO project, support news feed and Facebook posts/comments gathering, provide RESTful APIs backend, and deploy to Microsoft Azure cloud. 

Golang, Vue

Develop an information aggregation system in the service, automatic search keywords and build collections, deploy to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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Social Engagement

"Not only writing codes, but also transforming society." 

As a part of g0v's guarding democracy movement, maintain the network and video streaming channels within personal ability, and help the Traditional Chinese translation of the open source software "Loomio".

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