Yao-Hsien HSIEH



  • Frameworks: Vue.js.
  • UI Frameworks: ElementUI, Bootstrap.
  • Preprocessors: Pug, Sass/Scss.
  • Build tools: NPM, Webpack, Eslint, Babel.
  • Others: D3.js, Pixi.js.


  • Frameworks: Node.js / Express.js.
  • Databases: MySQL, Redis.
  • Cloud: Google Cloud Platform.


  • Programming languages: Typescript, C++.
  • Version Control: Git, GitLab, GitHub.
  • DevOps: Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Editors: VSCode, Vim.

Work Experience

Frontend Engineer, Chung Yo Group, March 2020 - Present

A Web Online Game System Developer in Taichung, supplying games and platform system in Asia.
  • Interfacing two website game frontend to new backend game server.
  • Using Typescript to develop website game frontend.
  • Refactoring internal web project, re-designing the file structure, separated code into multiple reusable vue components and using them dynamically.
  • Researching the Git Flow, GitLab Flow, and GitHub Flow, then designed the workflow for the develop team. Besides, designing the git commit message template based on angular style for the develop team. 
  • Using Vue.js, Vue-router, Vuex, and ElementUI to develop internal web service.
  • Refactoring and developing the game frontend using PureMVC framework.


Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng-Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, 2015 ~ 2019

  • Getting third place in graduation project exhibition – Project: LifeGamer Platform.
  • C++ Teaching Assistant for 2 years, taught about 400 students.

Side Projects

LifeGamer-Platform - Based on Vue.js and Node.js to build the platform, providing judging and competing features.

Teaching Assistant Side Project 
  • The platform uses GitLab to maintain users’ code, and getting users’ data, repository data, and GitLab pipeline data via GitLab API.
  • Using Vue Router to create single page application, use Vuex to maintain Vue components and state.
  • Using markdown-parser to online modify and show announce and resource part of the platform. 
  • The system has served for C++ programming design class for two years and has almost served about 400 students(about 200 students as users per year).
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