Abbygail ET Wu 吳伊婷

Hi, you can call me Abby if you like. I am not ordinary, there was a gift for me. My minds, thoughts and ideas is quite different from other people, that's why I am NOT a typical engineer, I am not very good at coding (well, I consider not bad, but not good enough), but I am very interesting on security, because you need a different mind.

Since the beginning of the human kinds, we has always been yearning for freedom. Thanks for our curiosity comes in nature, that’s what technology comes in place now.

Blockchain changed the way we used to rely on the centralized system. From now on, we can use our own way, along with the curiosity and whimsy we born with, to change the world by this fantastic technology.

Powered by everyone. We are the ones to begin by the name of engineers, the ones believe we can make a better tomorrow.

Recent news coverage: (防駭好記 中文拼音密碼最佳選擇 八大民生新聞 2019121804) (趁賺災難財 疫情APP含勒索病毒 八大民生新聞 2020031808) (Security issue of exchange platform | Taipei Ethereum Meetup)

Security Engineer
[email protected]


WonderFo Music e-Magazine
Oct. 2020 - Mar. 2021
Project Manager

Project Managerment for WodnerFo music managzine as PM,
- improve office culture by new SCRUM method.
- PHP/ CodeIgniter 
- built a new culture on traditional software development 
- Google / AWS all new establishment for software developing on staging and prodcution

Shih Ming Teh Fundation

Aug. 2019 - Current
Website maintenance / Office IT (Freelance)

Shih Ming Teh Fundation is an non-profit Fundation which running “white-terror” relate declassified movement in Taiwan.
- portal website maintenance.
- PHP/ CodeIgniter / wordpress
- Office IT support
- Online / Offline Security
Mpark Migrate news

Jun. 2016 - Current
Front-end Engineer (Freelance)

Mpark is an migrate news website for Taiwanese people get to know migrate workers from south east asia.
- Portal website maintenance.
- Website performance
- PHP/ Wordpress
- Website front-end
- Security
TrueLoveLive OnLife Media

Jul. 2019 - Oct. 2019
Engineer / Website Developer

Truelolive is a straming platform for online entertainment, I am doing website developing and security screening.

Dodoker Crowdfunding on Blockchain

Sep. 2018 - Mar. 2019
Security / Full Stack Engineer

- Digital assets custody security
- Web application / backend developing (PHP, CodeIgniter, NodeJS)
- UI/UX improvement (jQuery, CoffeeScript,Less,SCSS)
- Multi-level Security contingency planing
- Irregular security penetration testing
- Physical environment safety and evacuation protocol
- Personnel safety protocol

MaiCoin, Modernity Financial Holdings Ltd.
May. 2016 - Sep. 2017

Security Engineer / Emergency Coordinator

Security is charming for me, I involved in system security, customer risk management, digital currency and money tracking, and also study in the behaviors of the customers.

  • Digital assets custody security
  • Web application / backend developing
    (RoR, NodeJS)
  • UI/UX improvement (jQuery, CoffeeScript)
  • Multi-level Security contingency planing
  • Irregular security penetration testing
  • Physical environment safety and evacuation protocol
  • Personnel safety protocol

Shih Ming-Te Foundation

May. 2015 - May. 2016

Chief Information Security Officer

From June, 2015, Mr. Shih announced about running presidential campaign, so he needs a security person who can trust.

  • Communication safety
  • Computer / user accounts security audit
  • Personnel safety details and contingency protocol
  • Counter-signature personal information online safety
  • Web application development (PHP Framework)
  • Mobile application development (PhoneGap)

Honor: Best Of The Year Employee, III-IDEAS (2011,2012)

Institute for Information Industry, III

Aug. 2011 - May. 2015

Research and Development Engineer

The Digital Signage Team in IDEAS,III is doing signage maintenances ,content development and management, and most importently, the self-monitoring and self-restore features.

  • Automation system recovery from failed internet / software crash / etc…
  • Signage clients status recording ,error detections and notify mechanism.
  • System based on PHP + MySQL + HTML5.
  • Client based on C#

Honor: Best Of The Year Employee, III-IDEAS (2011,2012)

Palmgoo Digital Media / Staging Housing Decoration

Jan. 2011 - Aug. 2011

Web Engineer

I was working on a joined online content and analysis / scoring system for compaines who concerns about public relationships with III, and also doing housing decoration items dispaching system for another business in the same corporation.

  • Automation system recovery from failed internet / software crash / etc…
  • Signage clients status recording ,error detections and notify mechani
  • sm. System based on PHP + MySQL + HTML5. Client based on C#

Honor: After taking over the system development and rebuild with clusters, the full-text search speed increased from 45 sec. to 0.5 sec.

Taiwan Lihpao Daily, 4way News Monthly

Jun. 2008 - Jun. 2010

Web Engineer

This is my first programming career, doing all IT related stuff, I built Newspaper subscrition CRM and simple accounting system to make everyone's life much easier. The system keep working (without maintenances) as designed and secured until the news paper shuted down on early 2017.

  • Newspaper subscriber and accounting CRM system.
  • Subscriber analyze, accounting and money transfers management.
  • SMS / Logistic / Abacus ticketing system interface.
  • System based on PHP + MySQL 

Honor: The system is still function normally without maintenance for almost 8 years.

Side Projects

Qipu Studio, ASP.NET developer (Contractor), Oct 2020 ~ Oct 2020

Qipu Studio is developing a ERP for amazon seller in the states.
- Project oversight
- Scrum developing.
- CI/CD research
- Coordinate with clients / teams.

CAPSULE YouTuber Inc. (JP) , Front-end Engineer (Freelance), Sep 2020 ~ Sep 2020

CAPSULE is developing a new website for yourtuber on their financial reports.
- UI developer.

Taiwan People Party election office , Office Manager / IT manager (contractor), Jun 2020 ~ Jul 2020

Taiwan People Party is running a county Mayor election in
Office Manager for daily election operation.
- Event planing and executive. (Taipei City Mayor, Party VIPs)
- Office IT and network management.
- Office Security and personnel safety.


Certified Ethical Hacker, CEH

License No. ECC44736458339 (Yi Ting Wu)

Jun. 2017 ~ Jun. 2020

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China-Hong Kong English School, General Business (2001-2007)

Activities and projects

  • The Rise and rise of Bitcoin 正體中文電影字幕
    This film is the first ever bitcoin documentary, I voluntarily do the translation, and hope to spread the ideas.

  • 從比特幣到區塊鏈的故事 Public speech on blockchain 101
    Blockchain is a brilliant idea, I loved to share the basic knowledge to everyone I met with, let people know about the history of banks, bitcoin, why we need blockchian, ethereum, etc... That's one way to make people awaress the power of decentralized mechanism.

  • 20170623_EthereumMeetUp_安全簡報 Public speech on digital assets safety
    Because the security is my interested, I have been inveted to gave a talk in Taipei Ethereum Meetup. Safety is a never ending game no matter on the internet or rela life. No place is safe.

  • 性別演講 大眾科學版 Public speech on History, Science and Human nature on gender
    One of my identity is a puclic come out transgender woman, I felt the obligation to share who we are to the world in layman's terms, with a little help from science and empathy, we can make this world a better place.

Skill Keywords

BlockChain, Information Security, Human behavior research and study, PHP & MySQL, Ruby on Rails, Docker,AWS, GCP

Volunteer Experience & Causes

  • Chairman of ISTScare, Taiwan
  • Developer of ROC ID jQtools (Open Source on GitHub)
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