陳港才 Louis Chan 

Phone: +886 989369928 | Mail: [email protected]


National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) | Master of science, 2019/09 ~ 2021/07

Institute of statistics, Graduation grade: 87.15/100.

Feng Chia University (FCU) | Bachelor of business. 2015/09 ~ 2019/06

Department of statistics, CGPA: 3.8/4.

Projects and Research

Cluster analysis of state-level COVID-19 trends in the United States, 2020/09 ∼ 2021/07

Master thesis.

• Advisor: Dr. Wei-Jing Wang. 

• Analysis of U.S. COVID-19 cases and death percentages. 

• Different clustering methods are applied to group the states with similar trends. Distinguish US’s states with different severity levels of the pandemic and identify states with similar shapes of trends. 

• Used spatial analysis method to see the joint behavior between a state and its neighbors(geographic associations).

Data analysis of quality control and machine learning, 2020/09 ∼ 2021/01

Statistical consultation project. 

• Analyze the data of the real manufacture process.

• Through the methods of narrative statistics and data visualization, understand the characteristics of missing values and process data. Used the isolation forest method to find and remove abnormal machines. 

• Used T-SNE and k-means clustering methods to distinguish processes with different characteristics. According to the results of the clustering, set the control limits of the control chart.

Analysis of crime rate of each cities in Taiwan, 2018/09 ∼ 2019/01

Final year project of bachelor.

• Used the ’R shiny’ to construct a user-friendly platform, shown the ranks of public security for each city in Taiwan are via a visual map. 

• The six municipalities directly under the central government have a higher degree of danger than other cities.

Forecast the number of Asian visitors to Japan, 2018/02 ∼ 2018/06

Time series project.

• Analyze the number of Asian visitors to Japan from January 2003 to December 2017.

• Organize the original data and fitted time series models such as ARIMA, Decomposition model. 

• The number of Asian visitors to Japan has been increasing, but there was a slight decrease in 2008 to 2010 (Financial crisis). 

• The number of visitors to Japan has risen sharply since 2012. It is predicted that the number of visitors will also increase in 2018.

Work Experience

Teaching Assistant | NCTU(Institute of statistics), 2020/09 ∼ 2021/06 

• Served as TA of four courses: Data Science, Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics, Applied Methods in Statistics.

• Assisted the professor preparing class content, lecture notes, home work, student report related affairs for more 100 students.

Research Assistant | FCU(Office of research and development), 2017/09 ∼ 2018/01

 • Organize the academic performance data of the entire school.


Expertise: Qualify control, Statistical analysis, Machine learning.

Programming: R, SAS, Python, SQL, SPSS, Minitab, Excal.

Qualification: SAS Certified Specialist: Base Programming(2019).

Languages: Chinese(Cantonese and Mandarin), English.

Document Creation: LaTex, Markdown, Word.

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