I have plenty of experience in administration and social skills. These skills can improve me further in my career and also let me have positive interactions in a relationship, because teamwork and discussion are both essential. In addition, I'm collaborative and like solving problems and completing challenges. That is why I sold my restaurant.
In the future, I hope I can get a master degree in computer science field, then invent some useful apps and intelligent programs that not only make money but bring something into the world.

Tel: 07730346077

Email: [email protected]m

  London, UK



work experience 

March 2021 - Present


After being a freelancer, I have designed a Web website for a second-hand car dealer, using next.js and contentful template in this program to make user post car’s inf easier.(https://shisha-text1.vercel.app)
Develop a Web page for a pub and suit on a mobile phone screen, including an online booking list, making users enable to operate a backend checklist to confirm a customer’s reservation on the web and delete inf.(https://cartext1.netlify.app)

may 2015 - March 2020

Owner  Chinese restaurant

At the beginning, I didn’t have enough ability to manage this restaurant. Therefore, every day I only had 5 hours to sleep. Other times were used to practice. After 6 months of training, I had gotten used to working efficiently in the restaurant and then started to hire staff to work together . 
 Eventually, I had around 5 employees to support my restaurant. During the suffering period ,I learned lots of useful skills, such as how to interact with my members to improve the service of my restaurant and also know how to get cheaper price of staffs from suppliers, these thing make me understand why social connection is so important in society


National Penghu university of Science and Technology

Shipping & administration 2010 - 2014


Don's Car

A Website for second-hand car dealers, users can edit or add info easily on contentful.com and then Netlify will create new cars info on the web.

Customers can find the latest information on this website with a very neat feeling. 

(Build in Next.js & contentful)



A pub website suits on mobile & laptop screens , trying to design an easy & clean page for customers.

Clients can check the booklist on the web.

(Build in Next.js)


A website for bracelets sale 

Using SPA type with Bootstrap5, a modern style in nowadays, using clear code to display an interface.

Easily navigate to user needs.

(Build in Html&Bootstrap)



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