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Lee, Ming-Wei

iOS App Development  •  Taipei,TW

Organized, collaborative and multidisciplinary iOS developer with 7+ years of professional experience in dynamic and deadline-driven work environments. I make it my goal to create software with the user in mind, creating applications with a usable and intuitive user interface experience. I am also constantly striving to learn new technologies and look for ways to enhance myself in this rapidly changing industry.

Multi-platform-SwiftUIApp (SwiftUI 2/iOS/iPadOS/macOS)

TrendySwiftUI (SwiftUI 3)

WeatherData(SwiftUI 2/Combine/AsyncAwait)

InstagramLikeSwiftUIApp(SwiftUI 2)

Side Projects 3D Model Rendering (MetalKit)

 SwipeMatch(Swift/MVVM/AutoLayout Programmatically/Firebase) 


 (Swift/MVC/AutoLayout Programmatically+XIB/RESTful) 

AppStoreUI (Swift/MVC/AutoLayout Programmatically/RESTful) 

GalleryPhoto (Swift/MVVM/AutoLayout Programmatically/RESTful/Unit Test) 

PokemonList (Swift/MVVM/AutoLayout Programmatically/GraphQL)

Core Competencies

Hard Skills

  • Objective-C (Advanced)
  • Swift (Advanced)
  • iOS SDK (Advanced)
  • Git (Intermediate)
  • Final Cut Pro X (Advanced)

Soft Skills

  • Good Team Player
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Self Learning Spirit


  • Mandarin (Native)
  • English (IELTs: 6.0 & TOEFL iBT: 86)

Work Experience

iOS Developer at SkyFill,2021/02 - 2021/08
  • Specialized in implementing Forex Trading native applications by using Objective-C and Swift
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design and ship new features
  • Maintain and refactor existing codebases to best practices and new technologies
  • iOS Forex Trading App
iOS Developer at IBM (Contractor),2020 / 02 - 2020 / 07

  • Specialized in implementing iOS Hybrid applications with Cordova
  • Developed iOS App for Rakuten eBank by creating and modifying the Cordova Plugin by using Objective-C

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iOS Developer at VMAGE,2016 / 05 - 2019 / 07

  • Specialized in implementing responsive iOS native applications and the latest technologies to provide users with a smooth and intuitive user experience
  • Worked with services team to integrate new RESTful web services for various features and functionality
  • Created customized Views, Table Views, Collection Views, action sheets, Navigation Bars
  • Worked on CocoaPods to implement third-party frameworks used in implementing key features of the application
  • Developed iOS App “pinpinbox” independently which is a social platform for creators
  • iOS Social Platform for Creators App "pinpinbox"
  • Screenshot Link  

Post-Production Supervisor at K5 Media,2014 / 04 - 2016 / 02

  • Consult with teams about expectations and budgets during pre-production
  • Scheduling, management, and attendance at all video/sound spotting sessions with editors/assistant editors to ensure creative vision is properly communicated
  • Manage and oversee all technical aspects of video recording and editing
  • Regularly collaborate with marketing team and producers

iOS Developer at OPA,2010 / 10 - 2014 / 04

  • Design and build applications for the iOS platform
  • Participate in the planning, analysis, creation, and design of mobile applications
  • Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies for cross-platform development 

Research Assistant at National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences,2009 / 09 - 2010 / 06

  • Using Visual C++ with OpenGL to create computer graphics for EON SDK

Recording Studio Assistant at Send Studio,2007 / 01 - 2009 / 05

  • To assist recording studio engineer to set up equipments
  • Learning skills and knowledge about recording, mixing, mastering and others.

English Tutor at 104eTutor,2007 / 01 - 2009 / 05

  • To assist recording studio engineer to set up equipments
  • Learning skills and knowledge about recording, mixing, mastering and others.


Master of Arts - MA, Sonic Arts (Music Technology)

Queen's University, Belfast 2004 - 2006

Bachelor of Science - BS, Electronic Engineering

Cheng Shiu University,1999 - 2001

Associate of Science - AS, Electronic Engineering

National Kaohsiung University of Applied Sciences,1994 - 1999 


TOEFL iBT 86 (L: 21, R: 25, S: 22, W: 18)

Issued by ETS at Dec 2008

IELTs 6.0 (L: 7.0, R: 6.5, W: 5, S: 6)

Issued by British Council at May 2004

Interests & Hobbies

Playing Piano & Drum/Learning Languages/Reading/Attending Social Events/Exercising/Psychology/Mentoring

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