Resume For Work Exchange in Korea

안녕하세요. 저는 진의문 입니다.

  My name is I-Wen Chen (陳宜玟)(진의문), or you can call me Leila instead. I’m Taiwanese, and I was borned at January 18th, 1997. Now, I’m 20 years old. I’m a girl who studied counseling psychology(心理諮商) in NCNU University(國立暨南國際大學).
  I love travel, and I love Korea. I had went to Seoul for traveling 10 days in 2016.
  At following below, I’ll introduce myself more.
Please check these links to contact with me. Thx
Line ID: leila0118

[email protected]
Kaohsiung , Taiwan


Important Message

What Date Will Arrive

I’ll arrive Korea (Seoul) at 6th August ,2017. And I’ll leave Korea at 8th Sep ,2017.


How Long to Stay

I plan to stay one month for working exchange. And then  I’ll ahead to visit Busan for one week.


What Visa I Have

I’ll have {Travel Visa} to visit Korea, and I’ll be allowed at most 90 days to stay in Korea.


My Personality 

  I am a person who like tidy environment and enjoy cleaning up. I am attentive, cautious and a easygoing person who like to chat with other people.Also, people often say that I am a thoughtful person. I like to discover interesting things to make myself and people happy. I am a travel-holic who extremely enjoy planing traveling schedule. I love travel because after every traveling I can find that I am not a nerd  like used to be. Travel makes me brave and being confident about myself, also thinking deeper about the thinkings.


My Motivation

  Self-Traveling is a challenge for me, I need to prepare all things well also be brave to walk out my comfortable zone. After traveling with my friends in Seoul last summer vacation, I feel something change about me. I turned out be more confident about myself and be more energetic to broad my sight. However, ten days were too quickly to fade out. I find that I fell deep in love with Korea about its language, culture, and most importantly, food.

  Therefore, this time I plan to long stay in Seoul through working exchange to gain chances to broad my sight, visit more beautiful sight, try more tasty cuisines and live like an Korean.




 I like panting, especially water color. At right are my pantings.


 I do website establishing very well. Here is my school website for you to check


 I do housing extremely good. I love cleaning up. Tidy environment makes me comfortable.




My Language Ability

 Topik grades I : 165/200 2금

 Toeic grades : 820

 I can speak basic japanese


 Also basic francais

    我正在學習法文,所以有法文基     礎,能夠簡單對話

Work Experience

Experience 01, 01 Oct 2015 - 31 Jan 2016

When I went into university, I started to work in department office, such like clean up classrooms and deliver papers.


Experience 02, 01 Mar 2016 - 31 Jun 2016

This is my second chance work in department office with same loading.

Experience 03, 01 Oct 2016 - 31 Jan 2017

This is my third chance work in department office with same loading.


My Recently Picture

Thank you for reading my resume. Hope to here your reply soon.


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