莊力維 (Leo)

Front-End Developer  •  Keelung,TW  •  [email protected]

Hi, thanks for dropping by : )  I am an extrovert person who love outdoor activities and  have passion on front-end skills. All the works below are learned myself which including VueJS & ReactJS. Feel free to see my works to know if I am the right guy you want. If there is any chance, please let me know!


  •  HTML
     - Using appropriate tags and descriptive attribute to make code more readable and easier to maintain.
     - 語意化標籤來增加 Code 的可讀性以及較好的維護性。
  •  CSS
     - Using Flex most of the time, meanwhile understand Responsive Web Design. Enable to build without framework
     - 主要應用 Flex,同時了解Responsive Web Design,可以不仰賴框架來編制網頁。
  •  JavaScript
    - Owing fundamental knowledge in VanillaJS, ReactJS & VueJS.
    - Still keeping learning the React JS & Vue JS to reinforce myself.
    - ES6
    - 對原生的 JavaScript 有一定基礎,並有學習 React 和 Vue 的框架,並做出作品。
  • Ajax
    Using Fetch API to Get/Post data


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Jammming Project via ReactJS

               Web app created via ReactJS and fetched Spotify API.
               Currently deploy on Surge.


                     1. Search songs via name, album or artist.
                     2. Customize playlist name.
                     3. Add/remove songs to playlist.
                     4. Sync to your Spotify account
                     Click to see my code
                     Deploy on Surge

SPA Project via VueJS

Single-Page Application created via VueJS.

Simulated a project from SPA company and build as Single-Page Application(SPA). 

What in use ? 

- Vue CLI 

- Vue Router 

Click to see my code
Deploy on Github Pages 

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BMI Calculator via VanillaJS

An BMI Calculator.

Using the local storage to store the records for users.

Click to see my code 

Deploy on Github Pages 


Acaia,From Mar 2017 to June 2018 (Sales Support Specialist)

A lead brand at electronic scales in coffee industry and dedicates on the faith of making other successful.

  • Increased user brand loyalty in thoughtful customer service practice by differentiating the target customers(resellers and end-users)
  • Coordinated between with the company and manufacturing factory – to ensure the business standard and goals are met; customer demand is fulfilled. 

  • Fulfill orders from sales and maintain the relationship with customers to increase the repurchase rate. 
  • Collaborate with sales team on tailored sales solution for resellers all over the world. Sales Growth 16% within a year. 
  • Training education in quality control to ensure the quality of products. 

- Project:

  •   Starbucks: Collaborate with sales representative to do education training for Starbucks. 
  •   Accomplished the project with sales team to become supplier of Starbucks.
  •   Website: Assisted UX Designer to rebuild a new website.


Ming Chuan University

Bachelor's degree |Applied English 

2011 – 2015 

Major Courses Taken: 

Literature Interpretation / Business Management / International Etiquette / Cross-Cultural Communication / Marketing Management / Advertising English / International Marketing

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