Leonard Githigi

[email protected]  •  +254795877416  • Nairobi , Kenya

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Date Of Birth : 20/08/1996

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I’ve Been using python since I joined campus in 2015 and I am slowly expanding my knowledge through frameworks like Django. I also have experience building facebook messenger bots and tinkering with AI platforms and engines like TensorFlow.

C++ and C

I began to use this language when I joined a team of students to create an autonomous Robot for an Intel competition my first semester of campus in September 201]. Arduino C is a version of C that behaves like C++. I have been learning C++ since then.


I began using linux at the beginning of my campus years and I loved it. Since, I have been using various versions as my main operating system. I am currently studying for an LPIC-1 System Administrator Certification. This certification will not only enhance my skill but prove I can work comfortably with Linux. 


Computer Vision Workshop for Intel, November 2017

AWS, OpenCV, python

URL : 

employer : Intel Corporation

Conducted a workshop on OpenCV, Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision. Taught and demonstrated: 

  • How to use openCV for artificial Intelligence. 
  • The meaning of Neural Networks and how they work
  • Image recognition using cloud and Amazon's AI platform Rekognition 
  • Openly discussed Computer Vision

Autonomous Robotic Vehicle, September 2015 - February 2016


URL : 

employer : ifixKE

Created a facebook Messenger Bot for a local company called iFix, to help them better connect with customers. I utilised the amazing Flask framework and Facebook's Natural Language Processing to enrich my bot.

Andela Students Ambassador for AI - July 2017 to Present

Web languages, python, C++
Employer : Andela

I was selected to join the team of student Ambassadors for Andela, where I serve as a technical brand Ambassador for the company. My duties entail: 

  •  Holding events on one technical topic per quarter 
  •  Engaging students in technical aspects of technology, programming in forums, discussions, etc. 
  •  Posting a technical article on a project Meet-ups on code and technology (I hold these twice a week) 

 We hold meet-ups on technology topics twice a week for one semester and Once a month to consolidate the learning that has taken place.  

Intel Students Ambassador for AI - July 2017 to Present


Employer : Intel Corporation

I was selected to join Intel’s global team of student Ambassadors.. It entails being a technical brand Ambassador for the company. This means: 
  •  Holding events on one technical topic per quarter 
  •  Engaging students in technical aspects of AI in forums, discussions, etc. 
Posting a technical article on a project We use python to program on the intel deep learning sdk, which builds on existing engines and libraries like TensorFlow   

Hackathon 2nd Place, Angelhack - March 2017

Python, Flask

Employer : Facebook, Angelhack

I worked with a team and program based on time-sensitive instructions and pressure. My team won 2nd place in the AngelHack category or using Facebook Messenger Bot technology in a times competition to make a health bot that queried for everyday problems, headaches, stomach aches etc.


IT intern , May 2016 - August 2016
Employer : Transcendent Data Security

I got the opportunity to intern for a cyber-security startup in Karen, Nairobi, Kenya. There I learnt how basic server networks are configured, how to install operating systems on servers, how to create and manage Virtual machines and how to host websites on a server using UNIX/Linux systems.

1st Place, Autonomous Robotic Vehicle Competition, September 2015 - February 2016
Employer: Intel, Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology

I joined a team of six students competing against four other teams to create a working autonomous robotic vehicle. Our team succeeded in creating an autonomous vehicle that could avoid obstacles and won the competition.. In the competition, I developed my skill and knowledge in embedded systems, sensors, and applications of mathematical equations in programming. 


Nyeri Good Shepherd Academy, Nyeri,Kenya — Certificate

January 2003 -November 2010

Graduated with an A plain in Mathematics, English, Science and Social Studies.

Jomo Kenyatta University, Juja, Kenya - B.Sc. Degree

url :

September 2015 - March 2017

Partially Pursued Degree in Computer Technology(Engineering)

United States International University - Africa - B.Sc. Degree

url :

January 2017 -Present

Currently pursuing a B.Sc. in Applied Computer Technology(Computer Science)

Current G.P.A Is 3.54

Total Semesters :  3

Online Courses
In HyperTime

Completed several online courses on emergent issues of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing in my personal pursuit to make an Intelligent Robot.

Awards and Certifications

Duke Of Edinburgh Gold Award (2013)

A gold Award by the President of Kenya by an International Organization called the Duke of Edinburgh International award. It is given after one has achieved certain skills and completed various set of activities stipulated by the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Application Security Analyst Mastery Award (IBM) (2016)

An award by IBM for web application security analysis.

Software Application Development Certification (Emobilis) (2015)

A Certification By Emobilis Institute in Westlands, Kenya. I took the course on Scholarship and I managed to get the certificate. Training on C#, php, html, Javascript,  Java, css.

Member of FaceBook Developer Circles Kenya and Google Developer Group

I am a qualified member of Google Developer Group and Facebook developer Circles in Kenya.



Chess I Love Chess. In 2011 I was the National Under 18 Champion.After qualifying to get to the African Youth Chess Championship, I traveled to Zambia to represent the country. won a victory for Kenya. I always play when I can and I am currently chairing the Chess Club in my university. 


Every now and then I conquer a new mountain or hill in my country.. So far I have climbed : The Aberdere Ranges (3,999 m), Mt. Longonot (2,776 m), Mt. Kilimambogo (2,145 m), and the hills in Machakos ( ‎1,138 m and Below). Soon I plan on climbing Mt. Kenya(5199 m) and Mt. Kilimanjaro(5895 m), the two highest mountains in Africa.  

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