Haw-Liang Wen

Undergraduate Student

National Taiwan University

Department of Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering
[my email]

Experience in Scientific Computing

Numerical Methods

1. Level-Set methods

2. Volume-of-fluid methods

3. Immersed Boundary method


Validation & Verification

1. Dam break flow
2. Rising bubble
3. Rayleigh-Taylor instability
4. Milk Crown


1. OpenMP

2. OpenACC

3. MPI

Current Studying Topics

1. Geometric Motion driven by curvature ( mean curvature flow, surface diffusion flow )

2. Droplet impact on a super-hydrophobic surface  

3. High-order numerical schemes ( compact difference schemes, ENO-type schemes ) 

4. Fluid structure interactions

5. Two phase fluid simulation

milk crown simulation

fluid structure inactions

Dam break flow, drybed, Re=42792

Dam break flow, drybed, Re=121033

Dam break flow, shallow layer, Re=214068

Dam break flow, deep layer, Re=214068

Dam break flow with obstacle, Re=1277551

Dam break with square column

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