劉育旻 (Liu Yu Min)(Leo Liu)

Three years experience on the Project Manager.  

Work and Learn , Live For Product.

Acer PM
[email protected]


Tatung University, Bachelor, Industrial Design, 2013 ~ 2017

Learn from school how the make things different , find the other way to reach the target.

Design thinking , product design , creative mindset

Finalist : Young Pin Design Award 

                1. The best Design (Product Design)

                2. The best Design (Graphic Design)

Work Experience

Acer Group _ Acer Gadget tech Inc. Product Manager , 2021 Mar -Now

1.ODM management 

- New product implement 

- New category of product development. 

- The production control , issue analyzing. 

- From NPI to EOL control. 

2. New Product development 

- Seeking new partner for new concept of product .

- Startup company cooperation. 

- Develop new strategy for new road map of product.

3. Start up biz management 

New Kinpo Group , PM (Dyson) Apr 19- Nov 20

1.Dyson Corrale

 - Production process management.

 - Issue tracking , timeline tracking (Internal & External)

 - The technical issue in production line 

 - Cooperate the equipment supplier & vendor , manpower deployment.

 - Production planning , cost calculation.

 - NPI implement

 - Sample & Material recognition.


 - Implement the new product and new process. 

 - Kick off meeting 

 - Verification of the product , material , machine , manpower

3.Dyson Supersonic Motor

 - Silent box for IQC

 - Lead team to open the conversation with vendor 

 - Negotiation with vendor (cost , timeline , design)

 - Fix the issue of waste the material to reduce the cost (expect to reduce 30W USD / y )

Rise Lighting , Lighting product PM, Mar 18 ~ Mar 19


1. Confirm the spec with Sales team , discuss with customer 

2. Study different material and different supplier. For NPI status and cost down. 

3.Neogociate the price for cost down. 

4.ID & mechanical design. 

5.Tracking the timeline , making sure that the schedule is on the track. 


1.Design the new concept of the light. 

2.Different material cross over. 

3.Ensure the vendors are good for the process.

4.Before design , the market searching .


Cost Control

Reduce the cost of the equipment and process in production and find the creative way to save the cost. 

Team Leadership

I lead 5 members in Kinpo Group , cooperate with them to make sure all the plan are on the track . Encourage them when some frustrated things happened. Guide them stay on the correct way.

Soft skill

Negotiation , team player , communication skill 

Motivated , positive attitude , 

Crisis Management 

Holding the timeline , preview the crisis , find out the point of the schedule. Prevent the issue before happened.

Activity Experience

1.Philharmonic Chorus 

   As a Bass in the Chorus , the music lover. Enjoy the time when I stand on the stage. Dealing the time schedule of the performance. Also the Backstage of the Chorus , helping the musican well prepare for the performance and the light control.

2.Basketball club in school

As a Vice president of basketball club , Leading team to win a champion at second grade in off-campus competition.

encourage players during the competition. Tactical guidance.

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