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Ning Liu

[email protected]  •  (8610) 84837153  •  Beijing, China


Experience 01, 01 Oct 2012 - Present

System integration design of weak current for Dome theatre and interactive exhibition;
Implementation planning (Schedule, equipments etc.);
Project implementation and After sale service.

Experience 02, 01 Jul 2011 - 01 Jul 2012

Installation and maintenance of computer hardware and software, System optimization;
System management;
Network maintenance;
Telecommunication system management.


System integration design

Project 01 

Dome theatre of Linyi Science & Technology Museum 

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Project 02

Cylinder screen of Chateau Changyu Rena Shanxi Xianyang

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Project 03

Dome theatre Chateau Changyu Moser XV & 

Dome theatre of Changyu Baron Balboa, Xinjiang

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Project 04

Dark ride of Chateau Changyu Rena Shaanxi Xianyang

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