郭家銘 Chia-Ming Kuo

【 Design Thinking and Aesthetics + Programming Logic and Implement Skills 】

 I graduated from National Cheng Kung University (成功大學) with a master degree in Industrial Design. I founded a game studio during my graduate study. I'm responsible for both design and development, acting as a bridge between the two department. This experience gave me agile development mindset and teamwork ability. 

I love APP development, so in addition to my original design ability, I have learned web technology and iOS software development. Combining what I have learned in the two field is my advantage. I can understand the thinking of designers and engineers, which can accelerate the operation of the team. I believe that having diverse skills can help the company.

iOS developer | UIUX designer | Frontend developer , Taiwan

[email protected]


iOS App Development



・API / JSON Decode

・AutoLayout (Programmatically & InterfaceBuilder)

・MVC, Singleton, OOP


Web Frontend







Other Dev Related Skills





・In-App Purchases

・Performance Optimize



・Make a Design Guideline

・Wireframe / Mockup

・UX Research (planning, questionnaire design, interview, analysis)

Graphic Design

Tools:AI / PS

・Visual Design

・Logo Design

・Icon Design



Tools:AE / PR / Rhino 3D

・Animation Design

・Film Editing

・Product 3D Modeling


FrontEnd Engineer, UIUX Designer

CityChaser Studio

May 2019 - Jan 2021

I founded CityChaser game studio during my graduate study. I am responsible for both design and development. As a game studio, CityChaser is developing a mobile game called Kyronus 開拓者. The game focuses on promoting Taiwan's characteristic buildings, providing a game experience connected to the real world. This work won the third place in the 2020 Get Wild Award, Mobile Game Creation Group. The game is currently preparing to release.

In this experience, I learned how to run agile development, quickly iterate the product. In addition, I also learned how to lead the team to collaborate across departments and accelerate the development process between designers and engineers.

Responsibilities in development part: 

  • As the product owner and plan the product backlog
  • Use Vue framework to build web front-end with three other engineers
  • Use third party kit in hybrid app, like admob, In-App-Purchase, FB/Google login, etc.
  • Connect APIs in collaboration with backend engineers
  • Implement the game scene, sprites control and game animation
  • Image packing and performance optimizing

Responsibilities in design part: 

  • Lead a six-person design team, unified design workflow to save develop time
  • Draft game art design guidelines
  • Game art components and animations
  • Game UI, from user flow to hi-fi mockup
  • Organize UX researches

Technical Skills:

  • Frontend Framework | Vue.js
  • Game Engine | Phaser
  • Mobile Dev Framwork | Cordova
  • CSS Preprocessor | SCSS
  • HTML Preprocessor | Pug


iOS Trainee

Peter Pan iOS  App Course

Nov 2020 - Jan 2021

In the past, I used web tech to develop web apps and then converted them into hybrid apps with other frameworks. However, this approach has other technical limitations such
as efficiency issues.

Therefore, I use my off-hours to participate in the iOS course and learn native iOS app development technology. During this period, four apps and many small works were developed. These works are all recorded on my medium.


Freelance Designer


Sep 2016 - Present

I use my free time to provide design services. More than 80% of clients are repeat customers.

Case types: 

  • UI design: both web and app
  • Motion design: animation, film editing
  • Graphic design: logo, poster, DM, banner...
  • Product design: mechanism, appearance, 3D modeling



National Cheng Kung University, Industrial Design

Master degree, 2017.09 - 2020.02

My group is "Cognitive and Kansai Experience Design", and I focus on the field of "Gamification Design". Explore how to persuade people to engage in target behaviors through game-like mechanisms.

Graduate thesis: "Gamification Strategies to Promote Physical Activity in Seniors"

The study aims to explore the perception of various gamification strategies toward seniors. During the research process, I developed gamified mobile apps to conduct experiments, and recruited participants to join. Finally, through the entire experiments and interviews, we can understand whether the gamified intervention can drive seniors to engage in more physical activity. 

* Part of the results of this study were successfully accepted by HCI International Conference 2019. 

National Cheng Kung University, Dept. of Photonics

Bachelor degree, 2013.09 - 2017.06

Swift Projects

Drink Ordering App

This is an app that can create groups and order drinks. All drink menu information comes from a google sheet. It can be updated online all the time. All members can see all the order information about the group.

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Monopoly Taiwan

A classic PvC Monopoly game featured with Taiwanese characteristic buildings. In addition to basic functions such as buying buildings, paying tolls, there are also limited time quizzes.

Paragraph image 02 00@2x

Photo Retouching App

With basic functions of cropping, rotation and mirroring, CIFilter is used to implement color adjustment and filter effects. You can also add custom text to photos, convert them to images and save them in the device.

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Other Works

Other Swift works are shared on personal Medium website.

Readings 00 00@2x

Use 4 different way to construct UI

Use storyboard, pure program, Xib and SwiftUI respectively to implement the same Messaging App screen.

Readings 00 01@2x

Use Lottie to make animations

Use Bodymovin to export JSON file from After Effect, and then use Lottie to make high-quality animation in iOS App

Readings 00 00@2x

Music player

AVFoundation practices. Implement play/pause, previous and next song, song rating, recently played song features.

Readings 00 01@2x

Use UIBezierPath to make animation

Make UIBezierPath from svg, and use UIViewPropertyAnimator control element to form animation


More works and details are included here.

Projects 00 00@2x


Including App works, research project, design projects and illustrations.


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  • Chen, Hsi-Jen & Kuo, Chia-Ming. (2019). Investigation of the Effect of Letter Labeling Positions on Consecutive Typing on Mobile Devices. 10.1007/978-3-030-22643-5_1. 
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