Leo Lee

Software Engineer looking for a job as a Back-end Engineer. I can apply two years of software experience in this position. I am a hard-working person, and I learn different areas' skill in my spare time.

[email protected]


Software Engineer, Eastern Logic Inc. (10/2018 – Present)
  • Used C++ and MFC to build Windows desktop applications to improve manufacturing efficiencies. 
  • Used C# and .NET Framework to build visual inspection applications for manufacturing equipment. 
  • Cooperated with project and sales teams to upgrade 3D laser printing application and develop new features. 
  • Developed a variety of file format data conversion library. 
  • Used TCP-IP, Ethernet, SECS-GEM, and other communication protocols to develop applications for different types of equipment. 


Process Engineer, United Microelectronics Corporation (10/2016 – 10/2018)

  • Optimized product receipts to maximize yield rate to meet customer needs. 
  • Collaborated with equipment engineers to find solutions to reduce wafer defects. 
  • Analyzed the yield and other related factors to find the root cause of the deviation in production data. 



C++, C#, Python, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Git, .NET Framework, MFC


  • Large image output path optimization project 
    • Solved the traveling salesman problem by using the partition greedy method. 
    • Effectively reduce processing time, at least 20 times faster. 
  • Panel factory image recognition software 
    • Connect MFC application (C++) and Cognex library (C# lib) by using CLR. 
    • Establish auto focus function by integrating Cognex lib and equipment control system. 
  • Semiconductor factory MES communication software 
    • Developed remote operation functions to reduce operator errors on the production line. 
    • Implemented equipment monitoring functions to reduce operator errors. 


Lottery Crawler website:

  • A website built using the Ruby on Rails framework
  • Use Python to perform crawler functions


National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan (Sep. 2014 - June. 2016) 
M.S. in Chemical Engineering (GPA: 3.29 / 4.3)

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology (NYUST), Yunlin, Taiwan (Sep. 2009 - June. 2013) 
B.S. In Chemical and Materials Engineering (GPA: 3.64 / 4.3)