Leslie Goldstein

Delivering Arete Wealth Management-Licensed Planning

As the founder and president of Personal Financial Strategies, Inc., Leslie “Les” Goldstein guides a Park Ridge, Illinois, firm that offers securities through Arete Wealth Management. Providing a host of independent financial services, Leslie “Les” Goldstein and his Arete Wealth Management-licensed team design balanced plans that utilize risk-balancing analytics and are custom-tailored to each clients' personal goals.

One of Mr. Goldstein’s areas of knowledge is financial planning, which begins with an in-depth analysis to identify what is missing from what is currently present in a new clients' life plan of action. Areas of focus include Roth conversion opportunities and pathways for eliminating hidden expenses associated with mutual funds. Dedicated advisors also examine optimal strategies for reducing future estate tax burdens and leaving a tax-efficient legacy to loved ones.

Mr. Goldstein has developed the comprehensive Big Picture Retirement Planning Workshop, and presented it at a number of Chicagoland higher education institutions. He is also the author of Big Picture Retirement Planning: a Bird's Eye View From 3000 feet (available on Amazon).

Park Ridge, IL, US

Work Experience

Jun 1, 1996 - Present

Personal Financial Strategies, Inc.  


Sep 1, 1982 - May 1, 1984

University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana 

Sep 1, 1977 - May 1, 1981

Indiana University 

Sep 1, 1977 - Jan 1, 1982

Indiana University 
Russian Language and Literature 

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