Johnson Chen

Chief Technology Officer


Hello, I'm Johnson Chen. I'm currently working in the chief technology officer position at YAJAN-TECH.

My main skills are Android and Flutter, and the backend web API also has relevant experience. I've gained experience in project management and computer vision in recent years.

In 2017, I find myself interested in programming, not in hardware. So I left the Innolux company to join the Institute for Information Industry to learn to program and then start my programming life.


主要技能為Android應用層App開發及後端Web API開發,伺服器佈署也有相關經驗,近年有開始接觸一些影像處理相關經驗。


Work Experiences

Aug 2019 - Present

Chief Technology officer Yajantech, East Dist./Tainan City, TW


Java/ Kotlin/ python/ Flutter/ Docker/ Django/ FastAPI/ MySQL/ AWS/ GCP/ OpenCV

- Direct management of about 5 to 8. 

- Mobile app development about AR, temperature/co2 monitoring, beacon parking-related app, etc.

- Computer vision for object detection, hand tracking, hair segmentation, and virtual makeup with python language using OpenCV and other open-source.

- The assessment of new technology to import and manage engineers' working flow.

- Web API development for mobile or Web, and deploy with Docker container on a cloud server or local deploy.

- 管理人數5至8人

- 開發Android/iOS相關App,例如AR/ 溫度監控/ Beacon等各類串接 Web API 應用

- 開發各類物件偵測,手勢辨識,頭髮染色,虛擬試妝等各類應用

- 評估技術開發時程及工程師流程控管,以及新技術的測試

- 於雲端/本地端 Docker 容器佈建 Web API,串接 Amazon RDS及S3等相關服務

Nov 2017 - Jan 2019

Android Team Leader HyperLight, Qianzhen Dist./Kaohsiung City, TW


Android/ Java/ Kotlin

- Direct management of about 5 or more.

- Mobile app development about live streaming

- The assessment of new technology to import and manage engineers' working flow. 

- 管理人數3~5人

- 手機直播平台產品開發及維護

- 評估技術開發時程及工程師流程控管,以及新技術的測試 

Mar 2017 - Sep 2017

Student Institute for information industry, Qianjin Dist./Kaohsiung City, TW

資策會 - 數位教育研究所 - 南區訓練中心

Android/ iOS/ C#/ Swift/ GCP/ Azure/ JavaScript/ Html/ CSS

- Learn how to program

- Got the certificate of training.

- Did a project at the end of the training.

- 進行程式培訓

- 取得結訓證書

- 製作結訓專題

Feb 2010 - Mar 2017

Equipment Engineer InnoLux, Xinshi Dist./Tainan City, TW


- DAIFUKU automated equipment maintenance

- 日本大福自動化設備維修及維護


   Java      Kotlin      Flutter      Docker      Django/Fast API   

   python      JavaScript      Html      Gitlab  

   Amazon       Google Cloud Platform   

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