Levon Termendzhyan

Accomplished International Business Leader

An equity owner of Viscon USA and full owner of Viscon International, Levon Termendzhyan has spent more than three decades in the clean air and gasoline industries. Born in Armenia, he moved to the United States in 1980 and has lived in California since then. He began working in the field at the age of 14, when he started providing service and pumping gas at a local station. From there, Levon Termendzhyan expanded his involvement in the industry by leasing several gas stations and starting Lion Tank Line, a fuel delivery truck company that operates 12 diesel truck stops in Southern California.

Mr. Termendzhyan came to Viscon USA in 2002 and gradually expanded the company’s main clean air product, Viscon, across the globe. Several years later, he joined the San Francisco Global Trade Council through Viscon International and continued introducing the company’s diesel fuel additive to such energy markets as Turkey, Malaysia, and Indonesia. In 2009, Mr. Termendzhyan welcomed the government of Armenia to the council.

Levon Termendzhyan also owns Noil Energy Group and SBK Holding. Through Noil Energy, he created the joint venture company First American Petroleum with a Native American tribe in Yakima, Washington. Noil Energy also submitted a proposal to Turkey to provide cargo transportation for crude oil. Meanwhile, SBK Holding serves as an umbrella company to eight Turkish companies operating in such sectors as health, tourism, and automotive.

Glendale, CA, US


2002 - Present

Equity Holder

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