Chen Wei-Ting

software engineer

+886-932-357-572    [email protected]    Taipei, Taiwan

Study dynamic control system in the graduate degree.
Design a motor controller and build an assistive lamb device.
Software engineer in an AMR research team currently.
Develop SLAM, path planning, Web API, and robot behaviors under ROS.
Also, developing a SLAM algorithm in the NTHU racing team.
Familiar with C++, Python, STM32



  • SLAM
  • Path Planning
  • Control System
  • STM32

Programming language

  • Python
  • C++
  • C


  • ROS
  • Git
  • Autodesk Inventor


Software Engineer

New Kinpo

2019.10 - Present
Taipei, Taiwan

⏎Develop four kinds of AMR
Develop algorithm with rosserial and Bluetooth under ROS to access peripherals
Build Web API and RabbitMQ client in the ARM to communicate with the server

⏎Optimize navigation algorithm
Complete three projects for robot navigation in customized areas
Familiar with path planning, SLAM, ROS

⏎Test and simulation
Able to build unit tests with both C++ and Python
Verify robot behavior in Gazebo simulator along with ROS debug tools

⏎Develop STM32 solution for the elevator system
Build a prototype elevator control box that can communicate with the robot via Bluetooth
The STM32 board reads and writes signals to the elevator control system and connect to a Raspberry Pi 

Software Engineer

NTHU Racing Team

2020.03 - 2021.08

Implement Fastslam by C++
Study Fastslam algorithm and implement it by C++
An excellent experience to improve my ability to implement a theory from paper to code



2018 - 2019

Kanazawa University

Exchange Program in Mechanical Science and Engineering

2016 - 2019

National Tsing Hua University

B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering