I have more than fifteen years of experience in software system design and development, and an excellent track record of building, architecting and delivering highly reliable and scalable systems/software.


  • Mainly use C++/OOP and utilize many open-source software to develop enterprise-level video surveillance system.
  • More than 8 years of technical management experience in software development/maintenance, working with stack-holders across geographies to build product vision and roadmap.
  • Design/Process: OOAD, Design Patterns, Extreme Programming, CI/CD.
  • SDLC; Agile methodology, Scrum(CSM)

Software Manager
New Taipei City, Taiwan
[email protected]

Work Experience

Genius Vision Digital Inc., Senior Software Manager, Mar 2017 ~ Present

  • Lead 5 ~ 8 software engineers, with various skill sets, C++ for back-end services, C#/WPF for desktop applications, computer vision/machine learning for video intelligent algorithms.
  • Responsible for maintain enterprise-level video surveillance system, added new functions and improved performance
    • Use Zookeeper / MongoDB / PostgreSQL to be able to monitor more than 10,000 IPCam devices in real time, store and search streaming data of device events, and maintain high availability.
    • Integrate GIS system (MapServer / PostGIS / OpenStreetMap) to meet the functional requirements of smart city surveillance system.
    • At 2015 Q4, this system was adopted by a bank as a centralized video surveillance solution. Initially, it can be remotely monitored and installed at about 500 bank branches and more than 3,000 cameras. It can access real-time and video images at any time, and continues to increase. The number of installations has exceeded 3,000 branches and 20,000 cameras at the end of 2020 Q1.
  • Built AIoT appliance for A.I. edge computing, such as ALPR, facial recognition, and object detection/tracking, based on nVidia JETSON TX2, programming with Python, YOLOv3, and deployed app with docker.
    • currently deployed at Taipei Bus Station to monitor passengers behavior for safety.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of software architecture of next-generation enterprise-level video surveillance system,
    • Lead engineers to learn new technologies and use acquired knowledge to implement required functionalities and meet performance requirements.
    • Develop surveillance system dashboard to display real-time system/device status, and/or visualize summarized data with charts, such as system/device uptime in the past 7 days, ...etc, using Elastic Stack, Redis, gRPC
    • Use Red Hat Ansible for IT automation to upgrade 2,000 NVRs to enable new functionalities, reduced required efforts from months to days.

Genius Vision Digital Inc., Software Manager, Mar 2013 ~ Feb 2017

  • Responsible for managing several OEM software projects of video surveillance system, participating in software function design, software architecture and code modification to meet customized requirements.
    • OEM vendors are several global companies, which HQ are in USA, Germany, or Japan, etc.
  • Enhanced video player performance by implementing GPU video decoding with DXVA2/libavcodec, Intel Media SDK.
  • Leveraged knowledge in Subversion/GIT, SQLite, programmed in C/C++, and MFC, RTP/RTSP, HTML5.


Genius Vision Digital Inc., Principal Software Engineer, Feb 2008 ~ Feb 2013

  • Responsible as a team leader, including the initial research, plan and manage projects, writing/reviewing software design and implementation specs, and doing code reviews.
  • At the beginning, I led a team of 3~5 engineers to integrate surveillance hardware devices into NVR (network video recorder), which includes IP cameras, digital I/O devices, etc. 
  • Later on, I also led another team to maintain/improve software quality while adding more features for NVR backend, including video recording system, video streaming server, device integration server, etc.
  • Also personally owned several major components of NVR applications, mainly video streaming server, storage system of video recorder, and video player.
    • I revamped both existing design and implementations to improve software quality and performance by more than 100%.
  • leveraged knowledge in Subversion, MS Windows, Direct3D, boost C++, ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (ACE), libavcodec/FFMPEG, programmed in C/C++ with Visual Studio, and debugged using Visual Studio/DebugDiag/WinDBG/XPerf.


Techine Tech Inc., Senior Software Engineer, Feb 2007 ~ Jan 2008

Design and implement software applications for Video Intelligent Surveillance DVR (digital video recorder).

  • Design and implement user client GUI and video streaming player.
  • Implement video streaming server.
  • Integrate video surveillance algorithms: ALPR, facial recognition, motion detection, object tracking, etc, with video recorder.
  • Develop an embedded Linux/x86 system for DVR appliances.
  • leveraged knowledge in Subversion, Linux/x86, gstreamer, GTKmm, and SDL, programmed in C/C++ with Anjuta IDE, and debugged using GDB/DDD.


EeRise Corporation, Senior Software Engineer, Feb 2003 ~ Jan 2007

Defense Industry Reserve Duty System (DIRDS)

Two main projects that I participated in during DIRDS.

  • 360 Degree Video Surveillance System (http://www.eerise.com.tw/panoserver/index.html)
    • Design and implement software applications for EeRise PanoServer DVR.
    • Design and implement GUI and video streaming player.
    • Implement video streaming server.
    • Integrate panoramic camera, PTZ camera, and related algorithms: panoramic dewarp, pano-to-ptz mapping control, motion detection. 
    • Develop an embedded Linux/x86 system based on gentoo distribution for DVR appliances.
  • Multi-Projector Technology (http://www.eerise.com.tw/multiprojector/mp.htm)
    • Patch embedded Linux with RTOS capability to achieve 10ns scheduling.
    • Implement application to control 2 projectors to project frames interleaved for Anaglyph 3D.
  • leveraged knowledge in CVS, Linux/x86, GTK, concurrent programming, programmed in C/C++ using XEmace, and debugged using GDB/DDD.



Scrum Alliance, Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Aug 2011 ~

  • Credential ID 000149240

National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Master’s Degree, Computer Science and Information Engineering, 2000 ~ 2002

  • computer vision and image processing

National Chung Hsing University, Bachelor’s Degree, Applied Mathematics, 1995 ~ 2000

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