Li-Yun Hsu (Jennifer)

Major in Human Resource Management. 

Good at both teamwork and independent work, used to prioritize and complete things. 

Passionate about learning new things. 

Attentive and cautious, good at observing and listening. 

Be willing to provide help and suggestions. 

In previous job experiences, demonstrated high mobility, multi-tasking and time management skills. Coped with customers through good communication and coordination. 

Full of enthusiasm for human resource management, and hopes to go deep into related fields.

Career goals are to accumulate contacts, give full play to expertise and experience, help the company solve problems, develop talent recruitment, employee relationship management and welfare planning, establish brand image, and grow with company.

Human Resource Management

[email protected]


衍生工程顧問有限公司, Administrative assistant (PT), Nov 2017 ~ Jan 2019;May 2020~Dec 2020

High mobility, multi-tasking, time management

1. Dealing with administrative affairs and paperwork 

2. Translating files 

3. Information integration and summarization 

4. Assisting short-term recruitment

DNC Grand Canyon South Rim, Cashier/ Food prep/ Food server, Jun 2017 ~ Oct 2017

Customer response, communication and coordination 

1. Yavapai Lodge Kitchen Catering service staff: Responsible for meal assembling and basic meal preparation; table cleaning service and response to customer needs. 

2. Yavapai Coffee Shop Cashier / Catering Service Staff: Cashier, coffee and other beverage preparation, basic meal preparation.

晶宴涮涮鍋, 餐飲服務生, Mar 2016 ~ Sep 2016

Customer response, communication and coordination 

1. Internal preparation 

2. Customer service: taking seats, ordering, providing meal introduction, serving, tableside service, responding to customer needs 

3. Table and environment cleaning

中原大學 , 暑期工讀生, Jul 2015 ~ Oct 2015

Worked at Vice President and Secretary's Division 

Dealing with administrative affairs and document work


Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Master degree, Human Resource Management, 2019 ~ 2020

Professional knowledge, self-learning, and multi-directional development

中原大學, 文學士(BA), 應用華語文學系 (Teaching Chinese as a Second Language), 2013 ~ 2017

Participated in teaching practice program, applied professional knowledge, interpersonal coping and communication skills



英文 精通
    TOEIC 840分;IELTS 7分
中文 母語
台語 生活會話


1. Microsoft Office 
2. 文件或資料輸入建檔處理 Data input and file processing
3. 文件收發與檔案管理 File receiving and management
4.文件檔案資料處理、轉換及整合 Information and data processing, conversion and integration


QUTTSA台灣學生會 校園會員招募 Campus member recruitment

  • 擔任統籌負責人 In charge of the event.
  • 作業繁複且極需團隊的合作,但是過程相當愉快且獲益良多。 Complicated work that requires the cooperation of the team, but the process is quite pleasant and rewarding.
  • 2日共招募到近90位新舊會員。Nearly 90 new members joined in 2 days. 
  • 活動籌備內容包含: 
    • 向學校登記攤位 Booth registering 
    • 攤位布置: banner、傳單、QR code等 Booth layout arrangement: banner, flyer and QR code
    • 與廠商洽談宣傳事宜:以宣傳換取攤位贈品 Negotiating with sponsors
    • 人力配置: 前置作業、宣傳、及活動當天的工作人員 Work allocation: Preparatory work, event promotion, and staffing on the day of the event

QUTTSA台灣學生會 幹部招募 Committee members recruitment

  • 擔任統籌負責人 In charge of the event.
  • 由實際操作了解與熟悉人資管理招募作業。 
  • 成功招攬財務、美工、活動、攝影及公關人才共8位 Recruited 8 talents in finance, artistic design , event planning, photography and public relations
  • 活動籌備內容包含: 
    • 1. 前置作業: 與幹部討論設定篩選條件、預期職位及責任內容、建立申請表單 
    • Prerequisite tasks: Discuss with the cadres to set the screening conditions, expected positions and responsibilities, and create application forms
    • 2. 人力配置: 安排美宣繪製招募海報、安排小編編寫文案及張貼貼文 
    • Work allocation: Arrange staff to design recruitment posters, arrange staff to write and post recruitment information 
    • 3. 後續作業: 審閱履歷、安排面試、進行面試訪談、結果通知、工作銜接與訓練事宜
    • Follow-up work: reviewing resumes, arranging interviews, conducting interviews, notification of results, work connection and training matters

大學系上活動策劃-校園傳情活動 Campus event

  • https://www.facebook.com/tcslxiselollipop 
  • 活動粉絲專頁約800人按讚。 About 800 people liked the fan page.
  • 擔任統籌負責人 In charge of the event.
  • 此為與別系合辦之活動,目的為吸引全校師生前來攤位購買傳情物品,再由活動單位將商品轉送給特定對象。This is a joint activity with other departments. The purpose is to attract teachers and students of the school to come to the booth to buy teaser items, and then the activity unit will transfer the goods to specific objects.
  • 活動的策劃,除全面的考量外,也仰賴團隊合作及熱忱。 團隊溝通中,前置作業討論、意見分享、進度回報及事後檢討都非常重要。 In addition to comprehensive considerations, event planning also relies on teamwork and enthusiasm. In team communication, pre-work discussion, opinion sharing, progress report and post-event review are all very important. 
  • 活動籌備內容包含:
    • 1. 策劃活動所有事宜: 訂定活動主題、訂購商品、文宣、攤位安排等 All matters of planning the event: setting the theme of the event, ordering goods, promotional posts, booth arrangements, etc.
    • 2. 分配人力及工作 Work allocation
    • 3. 攤位布置及宣傳等 Booth layout and promotion

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