Liam Lin


Frontend Engineer

Liam Lin, a software engineer with one year work experience and graduated from National Cheng Kung University. Liam Lin always has passion in Frontend knowledge and related Fields. Even though his first job wasn't in Web Programming, but he learned the knowledge about Frontend after working, like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and did some side projects to show his ability and ambition to be a great  Frontend engineer. Besides the knowledge of Programming, he usually practices English in many ways, ex: watching Netflix without subtitle and listening Podcast in English.  Liam Lin is an animate fan, like to see MARVEL and Japanese comic(like Attack on Titan), sometimes he goes to GYM to keep healthy.



  • .NET Framework


 Programming Language 

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS


  • VueJ


  • Swift By Xcode


  • SQL Server
  • SQLite


  • Ubuntu


  • C
  • C++
  • Python
  • Java


  • TOEIC 765


Junior Engineer  •  Foongtone Technology Co 

April 2020 - Present

The company produces Smart Cards in many fields, including the Banks' credit card, ID card and health insurance card.

1. Programming Windows application by C# .NET Framework in Visual Studio.

2. Dealing with the privacy data in bank by database(SQL Server, SQLite).

3. Writing document files (Requirements specification, Test report and Operation manual.)


2014 - 2018

National Cheng kung University

The department of Electronic Engineering.


  • Programming RPG script in Java in Introduction of computer science
  •  Producing AR-drawing project by OpenCV and Microsoft Hololens  with teammates.

Educations 00 00@2x

Side Projects developed in 2020


This side project is also the homework provided by online course.

We can transfer the PSD offered by online course to the Website Page.

After finishing  this project, I am familiar with HTML and CSS gradually.

Paragraph image 00 00@2x

Kaohsiung Traveling

This side project is also the homework provided by online course.

After downloading the data from Kaohsiung Open-source  website, we can manipulate data and show more information on website.

Besides that, I add the page number to keep the Page more tidy.

BMI calculator

This side project is also the homework provided by online course.

After entering the height and weight, we can calculate BMI by JavaScript, and realize whether you are healthy or not under BMI scale.

Also, we record the result by “local storage”, to assist you to search for the result later.

SuperCars Website

This is an E-commerce website. You can buy your dream car in this website and get some special discount from the e-mail that I send you. 

This project is different from other single page project which I created before. It's made by VueJS. I learned a lot of knowledge and concepts about VueJS from this project. Besides the implement of VueJS, I used bootstrap framework to realize website that I imagine.

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