Liang-Hsun (Jimmy Chen

Software Engineer

  (+886) 989080956

  [email protected]


   Python      Java      C      C#      MySQL      Linux      Unity      Git      Trello     


English    ●●●●●

Chinese  ●●●●●


Assistant Software Engineer

YunYang Fire Safety Equipment Co., Ltd.

Jan 2020 - July 2020
Kaohsiung, Taiwan

- Developed a server program that keeps track of the network connection of fire detectors. I was involved in the entire development of the program, from design to build to testing. The program was mainly written in   Python.

- Maintained and updated a mobile application that receives information from fire alarms and can display the records of occurred fire alarms. The application was built using   Unity.


Feb 2017 - July 2021

The University of Queensland

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) 

Major in Software Engineering 

- The Thesis Project was to generate test data by using a machine learning (ML) model. The project was under a Python toolkit "Agilkia" that intended to make it easier to build testing tools that learn from traces of customer behaviors.  

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