Junior Backend Engineer

I am a junior CyberSecurity Specialist with 1 years of experience, and I am looking for new opportunities in the field of Penetrating Test and Backend Development. My skills include software programming using C/C++ and Python, web programming, shell scripting, penetration test, and vulnerability fixing.


資安檢測工程師 (Security Engineer) •  財團法人資訊工業策進會 (III)

八月 2021 - Present


IoT devices and routers/switches penetration testing,  technique support for IDB cybersecurity framework, hold a concurrent job as MIS of my team, maintaining web service and the servers.

工讀生 (Part Time) •  學術網路南部區網中心 (TANet)

九月 2020 - 七月 2021

協助架設及管理學術網路機房伺服器,並推動 Containerize 與 NFV 技術文章撰寫,及兼任澎湖小學遠距程式教學,學生人數10人左右,持續一年。

Maintaining the server and network operation, implementing Docker container and examining the reliability, devoting technical reports to school, and teaching Scratch to element school students online.


2017 - 2021

National Sun Yat-Sen University 國立中山大學

資工系 (CSE)


   Python      C/C++    Kali Linux      Docker      vSphere/Linux Server

   HTML/CSS/JS      NodeJS    Linux      MySQL     Git

Technique Detail


  Kali Linux,farmiliar with basic web security acknowledge, pentest tools

  C/C++/Python,and understand compiler methodology and simple assembly code                                  

  Linux,shell scripting,basic kernel programing and system call acknowledge

 <<Basic Understanding>> 

  Docker&K8s,however have no experience of using Golang to build image                                             

  Backend - Apache, SQL, PHP, Node,self-study without experience of actually large project development

  Frontend - basic HTML, CSS and JS syntax,capable of using web-crawler to grab data

  MIS,Basic network environment setup server maintain(Linux & Vsphere)

  Git,3 years user experience


Hack The Box (Writeup)

CTF writeup for preparing for the OSCP exam. The write-up concludes from an enumeration to exploitation in detail.

Personal Web (NodeJS)

Using javascript light weight framework, Express, to serve as personal website.

WebService_Containerize (Docker)

Dockerize the current webservice, HTTP server, WAF, VPN, DB, in order to examine feasibility and reliability for the school while my part time job at TANet.

Web Crawler (Scrapy)

Web crawler to dump all CVE data, collecting and summarize by years, cvss score, vendor, product name .etc. Although it was a simple script, it save my time from 3 days into a morning.

Motor Noise Cancelling Algorithm

108學年度中山大學專題製作 -- 佳作
2020屏東智造世代創意競賽 -- 佳作

IoT Vulnerability Scanner (Shell Script)

A shell script that automatically scans IoT devices for OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities, what a time saver.

Simple Compiler (Lex&Ycc)

College course project, using Lex and Yacc to implement a compiler to check C program syntax.

Exchange Student

During 2014-2015, I went to Virginia, US, as an exchange student. By overcoming the language barriers, I find myself fit into school life and American society. After several years, I still have the American dreams in my deep heart due to such a special experience I had.

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