林子政, Xavier Lin

An experienced R&D developer with about 10 years of software development and project management experience. Experience in desktop application(Winform), web application(ASP.NET C#, ASP.NET Core, Angular/React/Vue+Node.js, Python Flask) and cloud computing product development(based on rancher).

Kaohsiung City,TW
[email protected]


  • Management
    • Certified ScrumMaster(2020/5)
    • ProjectManagementProfessional(PMP,2011/3)
  • Technical
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 - Windows Communication Foundation(2010/6)
    • OMG-Certified UML Professional(2011/3)
  • Language
    • Certificateof Japanese-Language Proficiency Level 2(2004/2)
    •  Test of English for International Communication(2019/6,Score:795)

Work experience

Foxconn, Cloud Platform, Software engineer, Sep 2019 ~ Now

  • Develop various cloud platform services(based on Rancher、Kubernetes) such as cloud resource management, CI/CD pipeline, microservice alert management, service logs management to support Foxconn's industrial Internet and health care cloud strategies.
  • Experience in developing different web applications using asp.net C#, vue + node.js , python flask.
  • Experience in maintaining and executing build scripts to automate development and production builds.
  • Introduce automatic end-to-end test tool in developing team to improve the efficiency of the testing process, moreover shorten the test process time from 8 hours to 1 hour.
  • Introduce automation tool to configure systems, deploy our product, shorten deploy process time from 3 days to 1 day.
  • Introduce scrum tools and concepts for managing the creation of products with an emphasis on continual delivery while not overburdening the development team, to help teams work together more effectively.
  • Good interaction with developers, managers, and team members to coordinated job tasks and strong commitment to work

United Microelectronics Corporation, Smart Manufacturing Division, Assistant Technical Manager, Apr 2018 ~ Sep 2019

  • As a technology radar to assist supervisors in analyzing information technology and Gartner reports, and introducing new technologies into existing processes, such as Docker, Kubernetes, cloud native applications.
  • Leading smart office project, focusing on planning system architecture, WoT, AIOT and OSS integration.
  • Full stack developer from embedding devices(ex. RPI3, NodeMcu) to Web application, which implements by angular and node.js.
  • Introduce container technology to colleagues to help them containerize existing monolithic applications.

Administrative agency, Civil Servant, Mar 2013 ~ Apr 2018

【National Sun Yat-sen University-Map and Information Office】

  • Library automation system maintenance
  • Yu Guang ZHong Digital Literature Museum System Maintenance
  • Improved the journals procurement process
  • Yu Guang zHong Digital Literature Museum Website Planning and Technical Research(NLP)

【 Livestock Research Institute-Breeding and Genetics Division】

  • Implemented the Agricultural Productivity 4.0 program of the Council of Agriculture
  • Planed and introduced the automatic milking equipment to daily farming
  • Responsible for the process automation and built a pig auction live broadcasting system

【Taiwan Centers for Disease Control-Information management office】

  • Planed and constructed of the working system of CDC
    • Preliminary testing
      • Sorted out the practical operating procedures in the department to perform a proof of concept (POC) based on the collected preliminary requirements
    • Designed and developed the system
      • Confirmed design requirements and wireframe by sorting out related laws and use cases
    • System testing
      • Tested with actual data of the agency to check the usability and correctness of the system, and to modify the irregularities or errors
    • Education and training
      • Did education and training program for users of different backgrounds and scenarios.

DATA SYSTEMS CONSULTING CO., LTD., Software Engineer, Oct 2007 ~ Feb 2012

  • 2009-06 ~ 2012-02
    • Developed the company’s image homepage and the portal site of the knowledge management platform – K-mall
    • Mainly based on DotnetNuke to customize related functions and modules
    • Integrated the company’s existing platforms to create a unified knowledge management platform
    • Coordinated the demands from several departments within the company
    • Responsible for the project owner to produce the handover documents and training program
  • 2009/6~2012/2
    • Developed the company's next-generation ERP product, “Tinder Designer”, a DSL design tool with Visual Studio SDK and C#, which can let users to design ERP in domain languages
    • Cooperated with the System Analysis, Design Team, and Quality Assurance Team in Nanjing to develop the development tools for different ERP modules
    • Coordinated with SA, SD, PR (Taipei Group and Nanjing Group) for the company’s new product trial run and developing different modules in ERP
    • Responsible for several Capability Maturity Model (CMMI LV4) roles, including configuration manager, deploy manager and project quality manager
    • Full-time lecturer of system analysis and design
    • Full-time Lecturer of Project Management

Side Projects

  • AI4Kids特約講師暨出版作者
    • https://www.ai4kids.ai/
    • Co-author 
    • Author 
      • 學AI真簡單:自然語言處理(Not been published yet)

    • Lecturer 耐能x AI4kids 第一屆青少年AI黑客松特約講師 
      • https://www.ai4kids.ai/hackathon2020/ 
      • 主題: 看得見的神經網路 
      • 主題: 深度學習影像辨識
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