Lin Yen Cheng

6+ years of work experience as a web developer, focused on using react.js and react related technologies . Also, using Node.js, Socket.IO to implement API services. 



Email: [email protected]


Mitake Inc., Frontend Engineer, 2020/02 ~ 

Build the Real-Time Stock Quote System
  • Maintain a smart stock order system (React.js) 
  • Maintain Tizen TV's Real-Time Stock Quote system (React.js, Cypress)
  • Introduced Jenkin and Gitlab CI to help the team's project

LiangShiShu Ltd., Frontend Engineer, 2018/01 ~ 2019/10

Build a online learning system to enhance student learning experience

OurCityLove Social Enterprise, Frontend Engineer, 2017/04 ~ 2018/01

Build a hotel information system to help disability

Polstar Technologies Inc., Software Engineer, 2015/09 ~ 2017/10

We offer GPS navigation system software and GIS web services
  • Built a multi-language website for buying and updating the navigator (Vue) 
  • Built a polnav map sdk by JavaScript of Web GIS (GIS, Openlayers) 
  • Deploy the map's data and design API and redesign the system structure, including a cache system to reduce the GIS server loading (GIS, Java) 
  • Built a token-based Membership Management System with LBS (Java) 
  • Part-time as an consulter and maintainer from April to October
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