YIN-CHI, LIN (林尹麒)

Traveling around the world at June, 2016. Face challenge, open mind for different thinks.
Arduous, Humor, A little bit narcissism

position :Front-end developer

Location : Banqiao, New Taipai City, Taiwan
E-mail:[email protected]



Vue / Vuex

React / Redux
HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript (ES6+)

Unit test: Jest / Vue-test-utils


Golang / Gin

Node / Koa2

Java / Kotlin




Concepts of functional programming and basic design pattern

Work Experience

Mar'2019 - Now

Originate Network, Front-end Developer

。Develop and maintain client system,

 includes - Embedded web window , client ERP system ( use TypeScript )

。client web window use WebSocket

。Import unit test, refactoring and re-config Webpack for client side projects

。Selected by supervisor to support project in Shanghai

。Experience in H5 project


Oct'2018 - Feb'2019

4Gamers, Front-end Developer

。Maintain article management system

。Develop dashboard API for annual event -

 WirForce ( with 100% coverage unit test & TDD)

。Front-end ues Vue.js (TypeScript), back-end use Spring (Kotlin)


A News Website about E-Sport and Electronic Game

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Biggest challenge is article editor, I needs build and maintain complex feature to meet the demand of editorial department.

Leave because - Distribute, company's main business move to IOT department


Apr'2018 - Oct'2018

CCDM, Front-end Developer

。Build a whole new project (on front-end) - National Museum website

。As only front-end in company, make a lot of communication with

 PM / Designer, help they clarify requirements and details

。Use Next.js (React.js)

Leave because - It's not technology company, we are co-work for "one" case


Oct'2017 -Apr'2018

Besttour, Front-end Developer

。Participate in development of rebuild official website

。Responsible for handling complex, reaction part (research and practice),

 includes - Airbnb-like Date-picker, parallax scrolling pages, Third party login

。Develop usable web prize draw lottery machine for company year-end party


Travel Agency Official Website

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I build a airbnb-like date picker with whole calendar's rules by own write javascript. It's because we can't find a date-packer plugin that fit our project in features and styles.

So, I build one and It still using now. 


Leave because - IT isn't main department and lag in technology, leave for personal growing


Jun'2016 - Nov'2016

Backpacker that traveling around the whole world

。Face challenge, out of comfort circle

。Choices the best plan quickly in limited resources

。Prepare for it with 3 years (since 3th in university)

。Path: Southeast Asia -> Europe -> North America -> Northeast Asia -> Taiwan

。Pass more then 40 countries

。Experience with Hitch hike, Work Exchange and Couch Surfing


Sep'2014 - Jun'2016

Fubon, Insurance salesman

。Keep researching in Taiwan insurance regulations

。Development and maintenance of potential customers

。Explain of complex conceptions to clients as clear as possible


Case Jobs

My web case, those are payment level project

樂易 Show ERP

Client ERP system for dental office.

。Front-end use Vue.js

。Whole team is remote co-work

。Familiarity in use project Task Management System

。Experience with file upload, download, image editor

- Local system, demo in interview

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Hotel booking website

。Build with Vue.js、Material UI

。Used Firebase for serverless design

。Future: Searching, Auth

。Build i18n (中/ English)

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write a lesson

ALPHACamp course materials, talk about modern front-end  framework

。Write a step by step tutorial to help student build a Vue.js project by themselves 

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Side Projects

Keep learning new stuff, I prefer to write side project to handle they

My Storybook

Component repository that build with Storybook.

。have my personal common use component

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Ptt Soft_job Sniper

Use to automatic taking job informations form PTT Soft_Job, builded it when I looking for 3th job in my career. It crawler target every single hour, filter newest info and send to user by e-mail. I was open this feature online, highest sign up account over 80+

。Closed because security issue, If your interesting in it, link to Source code 

。Build API server with Koa2 

。Build crawler with Node.js, to crawling PTT board "soft_job" find the article that having keyword "職缺" 

。Used MongoDB to saved subscriber e-mail and article title and ID that already crawled 

。Build JSON web token e-mail auth-system with nodemailer

ItHelp Article Filter

Help you filter website "ItHelp" article with keyword, It edit your html and hidden the article you don't want to see

。practice Google extension

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Translate GitHub Tech Article :

Contribute to front-end communities to translate popular articles

Front-end checklist

An online checking list for front-end when building website, make sure you had best practices.

- Middle of 2018, this project is hot in GitHub, my traditional Chinese version PR was required by author, It having 380+ stars right now

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Medium Article:

Write Blog, Ability with explain problems and logic
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