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凌堇翊 Ian Ling

Date of birth 生日: 1987/11/11

Over six years of experience in the international trading industry at a self owned company with the business started in Taiwan in 2011 and base moved to South Africa in 2013 as to expend the market. Familiarized with the shipment preparation and the import/export procedures (inco-terms and customs clearance) with over 70 clients in 20 countries and gained good communication skills to coordinate with buyers, suppliers and logistics providers. Due to the experience of operating the business overseas and working with international clients, I developed a good adaptability to foreign business environments and always respect various cultures.


有六年以上的國際貿易經驗,於2011年退役後與外國友人合作,利用自身的英語語言優勢,一同成立了一間貿易公司,處理外國皮革之買賣,直接與國際的買方及賣方接洽,另於2013年⾄南非與合夥⼈成立國外公司,以拓展海外B2B業務。熟悉國際貿易條件 (Inco-terms)、進出⼝通關、貨物安排等⼿續。積極且主動的開發市場,累積超過來⾃20國的客⼾。因需與國際供應商、客⼾及物流商協調,⽽獲取了良好的溝通技巧。藉由在南非從商五年的經驗,培養了適應國外的商業環境的能⼒且尊重多元文化。

Work Experience 工作經驗

Sinosa Trading (Pty) Ltd/ South Africa 南非/ 2013 Apr - 2018 May

Co-owner & Director
Co-operated with a foreign business partner and setup a trading company specializing in exotic leather supplies to leather good manufacturers, fashion houses and retailers.
* Collaborated with the self-owned company (SATW Trading Ltd/ Taiwan) for conventional & triangular international trading types to optimize the logistics and profit distributions (Transfer Pricing).
* Coordinated with clients and suppliers to ensure clients' needs were met.
* International client development: built up international client base, with over 70 clients in 20 countries.
* Analyzed market situations to provide competitive products with a better trade terms.
* Accomplished TWD 5M annual turnover in 2015.

合夥人 & 國際銷售業務員
與外國合夥人合作成立的兩人貿易公司,B2B商業模式,銷售特殊皮料 (鴕鳥、鱷魚皮),供應皮件製造商及零售商。
* 與在台灣的台非貿易有限公司配合,進行國際、三角貿易,以取得最佳化的國際貨物運輸途徑及利潤分配 (轉移訂價)。
* 開發國際客戶: 提升台灣及南非採購地以外的國際客戶群,已有超過20國家、70個以上的客戶。
* 作為買家及物料供應商的連接橋梁,協調訂單內容及生產。
* 分析各國原料及市場銷售價格,提供具競爭力的產品及低起訂量的銷售條件。
* 2015年達成台幣五百萬元年營業額目標。

SATW Trading Ltd 台非貿易有限公司/ Taiwan 台灣/ 2011 Sep - 2018 May

Founder & Sales Representative

Started a self-owned trading company supplying leather materials.

* Independent market development: searched for potential clients through e-commerce platforms and turned them into paying customers using active (physical visits, emails & cold callings) and passive (posting trade leads & visiting trade shows) marketing strategies.

* Order processing: invoicing and payment follow-ups

* Shipment preparations: accurately prepared appropriate shipping documents to assure import/export regulation compliance. Monitored cargo movements and coordinated with forwarders to provide a smooth delivery experience for clients.

* Price negotiations with suppliers and clients.

* Customer service: from inquiry, quotation, delivery to after-sale service.

* Material sourcing: used several international sourcing platforms to look for ideal and competitive products.

* Bookkeeping: recorded sale transactions in preparations for tax returns and audit. 

負責人 & 銷售業務員


* 獨立客戶開發,利用電商平台搜尋潛在客戶,由主動 (登門拜訪、電郵、電話) 及被動 (張貼廣告訊息、參與商展) 方式開發國內、外客戶。

* 訂單處理,準確地備妥貨物及發票及跟催貨款。

* 有效率地安排貨物運輸,準備適當通關文件,搜尋各國進出口條件限制及關稅資訊,即時貨物追蹤,提供買家流暢的交易服務。

* 價格協商。

* 客戶服務,從詢問-->議價-->出貨-->售後的完整服務。 

* 找尋物料來源: 利用電商平台及商業網路方式,找尋合適且具競爭性的物料供應。 

* 稅務記帳: 記錄日常銷售及採購支出,準備報稅及查帳資料。


Language Ability


* Chinese (native speaker) 中文 (母語)
* English (fluent)/ Toeic 905 英文 (流暢)

* Taiwanese (average) 台語 (中等)

Business Practice


* Inco-terms 國際貿易條件
* Logistics (airfreight) 空運物流

* Customs clearance 貨物通關

* Communication skills with clients 客戶溝通

* Marketing 產品行銷



* Software (Word, Excel & PowerPoint)

* Account bookkeeping

* Tax return, audit & tax compliance

Education Background 學歷

Bachelor's Degree in English/ Tamkang University/ Taiwan/ Graduated in 2010
淡江大學 英文系 學士 2010年畢業

Personal Attributes 個人特質

* Responsible to complete tasks accurately on time

* Eager and willing to learn new things

* Flexible and adoptable to new environments

* Organized, dedicated and efficient at work

* 能準時地完成任務

* 願意學習新的事物

* 有彈性,能夠適應新環境

* 細心、有效率且有組織地工作

Interests 個人興趣

* Jogging & workout

* Reading (business & marketing related articles)

* Aviation studies

* 跑步、健身

* 閱讀

* 飛航資訊研究

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