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data engineer、data scientist • 0972724528 •  台灣  •  [email protected]

Experience with data mining, machine learning, and web crawling. Hopes to focus more on data science and data engineer in future career.


Data Mining

Python - numpy, pandas, sklearn, multiprocessing, joblib. 

R - parallel, dplyr, data.table, mice.

Machine Learning

Python - xgboost-gpu. 

R - xgboost, svm, random forest, knn.

Deep Learning

Python - kears-CNN.

Statistical Model


Web Crawling

Python - request, BeautifulSoup, selenium.


Execting deployment MySQL on ubuntu. 

Changing IP address to entity address by No-IP and installing SSL certificates by Let’s Encrypt.


Open Source of PTT data

100 stars on github.

Automatic crawling PTT data daily, and providing open data, more than six millions article, in MySQL.

Bosch Production Line Performance - Kaggle 

Post-competition analysis, top 6% rank.

Highly imbalance data, ratio is 1000 : 1, 10 GB dataset size. 

And the data is 50% missing value. 

More than 4000 variables, but I build models by only 50 features.

Rossmann Store Sales - Kaggle 

Post-competition analysis, top 10% rank.

Time series problem. Building models predict sales after 48 days.

Grupo Bimbo Inventory Demand - Kaggle

Post-competition analysis, top 8% rank. 

Time series problem, eighty millions data size. Building models predict inventory demand after 2 weeks.

Instacart Market Basket Analysis - Kaggle

Real competition, top 25% rank. 

Predicting which products will an consumer purchase again.

FB-ChatBot ( In development )

Automatic ordering Taiwan train tickets, and recognizing Taiwan train verification codes by CNN models.

Financial Mining ( In development )

Taiwan Stock Prices, Financial Statements, Stock Dividend, Institutional Investors buy and sell. 

G8 data includes Oil price, Exchange Rate, Central bank Interest Rate, Gold Price and Government Bonds. 

Automatic update daily.

Work Experience


Mar. 2016 - Aug. 2017 

Analysing G7 financial data. Model validation and parameter estimation by regression models ( SUR, MLE, Bootstrapping ). 

And comparing single equation estimators and confidence interval with system equation.


Sep. 2015 - Jul. 2017

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Statistics


R, Python. Basic in English and proficient in Chinese.

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