Kung Ying Hsieh

Product Designer

  New Taipei City, Taiwan

10+ years of experience in the UI/UX field of product design, including more than 4 years of team leadership roles. Passionate about creating innovative products that can bring inspiration and value to people.


Work Experience

Design Lead  •  1TM

  • Responsible for the design strategy and art direction across the 1TM ecosystem, a collaborative networking platform for web2 and web3 creators.

  • Developed strategies to increase user engagement on the platform through the implementation of social networking and gamification features.

  • Designed a team-oriented collaborative system, which includes a complex team review, profit-sharing mechanism and NFT-related workflows.

  • Designed a team wallet system to establish a fair and trustworthy  process for the distribution of revenue sharing.

  • Created a unique content editor iteratively, improving content creation efficiency by over 50%.

  • Fully established and maintained the design systems and guidelines for 1TM branding.

  • Be in charge of the design of official websites, NFT minting campaign pages and related materials to maintain a consistent brand image and drive rapid user growth.

June 2020 - January 2023

Design Lead  •  Nogle Limited

  • Managed a team of between 5 and 10 designers with a range of skills including research, UX, UI and visual design.

  • Assisted the team in conducting user research and analysis to gather insights and provide feedback necessary for design decisions.

  • Established and optimized workflows to ensure smooth operations for four to six ongoing projects simultaneously.

  • Established a team culture characterized by transparency, an open-minded approach, a focus on critical thinking, and the cultivation of a collaborative ethos among all its members.

  • Collaborated closely with cross-functional team members, including product managers, developers, and stakeholders, contributing significantly to the development of solid product design strategies.

  • Advocated for design concepts, expertly presenting and defending proposals in a timely and efficient manner, ensuring full alignment with project deadlines.

  • From zero to one, designed and launched BTSE, a cryptocurrency exchange.

January 2018 - June 2020

Senior UX/UI Designer  •  Nogle Limited

  • Played a crucial role in assisting various startup ventures throughout the entire product lifecycle, from strategic planning to comprehensive design execution.

  • Conducted competitive analysis and developed product strategies for start-ups.

  • Used user insights gathered from research to create proof-of-concept designs.

  • Iterated on Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) through user interviews and usability testing.

  • Assisted and monitored junior designers on the team.

  • During this period, we launched a variety of products, including those related to early childhood education, bond trading, high-frequency trading, virtual fitting room, instant messaging, etc.

  • Designed and built from the ground up a revolutionary bond trading platform - Bondlinc.

May 2015 - January 2018

Senior UI Designer  •  FLIPr.tv

  • Responsible for strategy and art direction for Flip TV, a platform that delivers international live TV to over 17 countries/regions worldwide, serving as a bridge between media and users.

  • Iteratively translated client requirements and business objectives into successful design solutions on the basis of feedback from business partners and end users.

  • Designed the interface, interaction and related visual design for the APP across multiple devices, from mobile to TV.

  • Created customized marketing materials tailored to different cultures and countries to increase user engagement and drive rapid user growth.

February 2014 - March 2015

Senior Web Designer  •  Aplus Digital Consulting Co., Ltd

  • Designed a few large-scale official website interfaces to ensure a smooth user experience and precise layout across hundreds of pages.

  • Involved in the early strategic planning of several websites for short-term events, which included interface design, animation, and front-end development.

  • Designed a user-friendly interface for ANZ Bank's back-end system while supporting front-end development, which won an award for Best Consumer Digital Bank in Taiwan.

June 2012 - February 2014

Senior Web Designer  •  Wunderman

  • Managed a team of three designers and was responsible for hiring, training, and strategic planning to achieve team goals.

  • Responsible for strategic planning, design, and production of unique short-term event websites for long-term clients.

  • Responsible for retouching and polishing key visual images to a high level of precision.

  • Generated creative ideas, created design concepts, and produced dynamic banner ads, resizing the ads to fit on multiple web sites.

March 2010 - June 2012


2001 - 2006

Shih Chien University

Bachelor's degree, Design and Visual Communications


   Chinese — Native       English — Professional