Liu Yaohua

Graduate from Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence at Tilburg University, looking for data science jobs.

Data Analyst、Data Engineer、Data Scientist、Customer Experience Analyst
[email protected]


Tilburg University, 科學碩士(MS), Artificial Intelligence, 2019 ~ 2020

Program courses: Python programming, machine learning, deep
learning, natural language processing, image analysis, data mining.

Master thesis : Applying Meta-learning to AWA2 Dataset for Explainable AI

National Sun Yat-Sen University, 科學碩士(MS), China and Asia-pacific Studies: Economics track, 2015 ~ 2017

Program courses: Econometrics, development of Chinese economy, financial management, international economy and globalization.
Master thesis : The Empirical Study of Impacts on China’s Outward Direct Investment of RMB Internationalization

Project experience

Web scraping and sentiment analysis of movie reviews 

Coded a web scrawler in Python to obtain the movie reviews from the PTT, the biggest BBS forum in Taiwan and applied NLP model to the data.

Data visualization of COVID19 dataset

Presented the visualized dashboard of global confirmed cases and deaths of corona virus through Tableau.

Kaggle Competition, Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster

Coded in Tensorflow 2.0 to build the deep neural network on the Titanic dataset and ranked top 6% in the competition.


YUSCO (E-Da Group), Sales representative, Jul 2017 ~ Oct 2018

1.Responsible for export business in Japan & Korea of the largest stainless-steel manufacturer in Taiwan, including arranging export schedules and relationship management with 5 customers for each area.

2.Communicated the quality issues of product with quality assurance engineers and tracked producing progress of manufacturing department.

3.Conducted the report of market analysis based on the monthly sales.

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