Liu Yi Chun (Jeff Liu)

- Ambitious and passionate. Dedicated to everything I do. Interested in almost everything about Website Development.
- Over 5 years of experience working in web development.

  Taichung City, Taiwan      


2013 - 2017

National Taichung University of Science and Technology .

Department of Information Science and Management Systems


Tech Stack

   Angular      TypeScript      Bootstrap      Git

Work Experience

Angular FrontEnd Development  •  Cloud Interactive

六月 2021 -  Now

- DKSH Dr.Talk
Completely rebuilt Dr.Talk and admin platform.
‧Set frontend development architecture and execution method.
‧Develop Dr.Talk and Dr.Talk admin platform and combine third party services like LINE and Viemo.
‧Use angular components, templates, directives to achieve modularity.

Angular FrontEnd Development  •  Wei Yao Preparation Office

九月 2020 - 五月 2021

- Data Analysis Module System
Modularize data and graphs.(like Microsoft Power BI)
‧Set frontend development architecture and execution method.
‧Design system style, function and concept.

- Smart Customer Service System
Create a smart chat room combined with Microsoft Luis to respond to messages based on emotions.
Set up a smart chat admin platform and chat data analysis.
‧Maintain and develop a smart chat room and chat room admin platform.
‧Develop a smart chat that automatically replies to messages or options based on questions.
‧Use Echart to develop an analysis dashboard and smart chat setting admin platform, analyze usage and hot questions.

Angular FrontEnd Development  •  GE MING COMPANY

七月 2017 - 八月 2020

- BI Supervisor
Analyze the company's internal operating data and customer forecasts.
‧Upgrade the angular version and fix disruptive updates.
‧Follow 'Clean code' principles to refactor highly repetitive code or components.
‧Utilized angular components, templates, directives to achieve modularity.

‧Utilized angular Ivy compiler to reduce the vendor bundle size almost 1mb(30%), saving 30% building time.
‧Organize the project structure and utilized lazy-loading feature modules to fix slow first time page loading, reduced from the original 10 seconds to less than one second of the loading time. 
‧Use Echart to Develop a data analysis dashboard, provide charts and user analysis and forecasts.
‧Import and introduce automated testing with Robot Framework.

DB Monitor System
Monitor database usage and issue warnings based on the situation.
‧Set frontend development architecture and specifications.
‧Utilized angular Ivy compiler to reduce the vendor bundle size almost 300kb(30%), saving 30% building time.
‧Use Echart to Develop a database monitor dashboard to grasp the usage status of each database.
‧Use JENKINS to warn of database exceptions.
‧Use angular components, templates, directives to achieve modularity.

QA Intern  •  Exosite COMPANY

二月 2017 - 六月 2017

- Automated testing by Python, Robot Framework, Node.js
- Continuous Integration (CI) by Jenkins, GitLab, GitHub

Software Engineer Intern  •  BOKER COMPANY

一月 2014 - 六月 2015

- Responsible for software analysis, design, programming and maintenance, and software testing
and modification.
- Complete the customized ERP system and other projects.Example:navigation system , vehicle
dispatching system

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