Liu Zhang

Senior FullStack Web Engineer

  Glendale, CA, USA

A highly focused Senior FullStack Web Engineer with 10 + years of experience in a variety of development projects. Organized, methodical and a keen eye for detail results in solid coding and a trustworthy program.
Understanding client requirements and communicating the progress of projects are core values in achieving long-lasting business relationships.
The experience and my academic education have provided me with some outstanding and technical skills.

I provide Front-End, Back-End and also user-friendly web solutions.
I would like to inform you that I am highly skilled with frontend & backend frameworks and libraries like React.js, Angular, Vue.js, PHP, Node.js, Java, Python, DevOps and so on, as I have handsome experience of it. Still, I am always eager to learn a new thing and make my skills sharper whenever I get a chance.

Above and beyond, I have a great passion for blockchain & cryptocurrency like web3.js, Dapp, DeFi, NFT etc and software technology as well. I have worked with some IT companies and enjoyed the work a lot. My recruiters are always delighted with my creativity, hard work and stamina.


Work Experience

Director of Technology

United Hardscapes Inc  •  January 2018 - Present

Serving as the Director of Technology of United Hardscapes Inc. Oversee and develop all development projects since 2018. Acted as the main point of contact for client technology development as well as consultations on business development and strategy. Worked as an early-stage tech advisor and performed advanced integrations of multiple products and solutions.

Senior Web Developer

Seidat Oy  •  August 2021 - April 2022

Senior Web Developer who was working on Meteor.js + React.js project based on the Nx monorepo architectured project. Resolved several technical problems and integrated Pipedrive and other third party services into the existing platform. Worked under very strict code review. At the same time, I reviewed other pull requests and was able to improve my skills efficiently. 

Smart Contract Developer

HawkAyes NFTs(Jobhub Group)  •  November 2021 - March 2022

Side project of the Jobhub Group, enjoyed smart contract development while building the NFT Marketplace. Final goal is just publishing the De-Fi solution along with our token and NFTs. 20+ contracts were completed in the beta version, with unique tokenomics and wow-factor features. As an experienced engineer led web3.js integration stuff with detailed guidelines under the strict review. 

Senior Software Engineer & Technical Advisor

AmericaBuild Technology Inc  •  May 2018 - February 2022

The only developer of this organization who made the scalable infrastructure. Developed a B2B admin panel for permit management organizations so they can manage orders more efficiently, analyze agreements and projects without bias by using violin charts(d3.js) and so on. The landing page was built with Wordpress so clients can rearrange contents easily. The admin panel, on top of the Fuse theme which is based on Google Material Design, has many complicated features and functionalities and complex graphs and metrics.

Technical Advisor & Lead Developer

Linalgo  •  February 2015 - April 2021 d1531818610

Worked as a structural design engineer for numerous projects and as the Senior Backend Engineer for over 4 years. Created the main website and multiple mobile applications using modern technologies. Introduced new technologies and served as a presenter of the company mentoring system. Developed & worked on Amazon Web Services, where the services were used as the company's main infrastructure area. Not only the websites, but also mobile applications, along with a supporting admin panel.

Lead Developer & Senior Software Engineer

Intelico  •  April 2016 - March 2021

Father of Intelico One Admin application. Designed a service-oriented architecture that was adopted company-wide. Managed development and led multiple engineering teams for various products. Worked on a variety of projects, from development to breach assessments and remediation to managing a global team of offshore developers. Managed the development and built the technical team from zero to five people.

React.js Developer

Taks Inc(Company closed in 2022)  •  December 2018 - September 2019 (closed)

Designed and developed a distributed solution for a Ticket management service using React.js and Java Spring framework. Developed an Android/iOS application available on the Play Store and App Store. Published desktop applications which can be run on different platforms, and published it to the Microsoft App Store. Implemented a web application that allowed third-party vendors to integrate and manage their calendars in a single place, with controllable widgets. 

Senior Angular Developer

SHYFT Power Solutions Inc  •  October 2018 - September 2019

Developed websites and mobile applications by Angular, only the front end. Added new features, and also did problem solving to a REST service, which was developed using JAVA and allowed client applications to manage all power solutions and types of equipment just on a single admin panel or on the mobile application. Developed customer service management software and worked on only client-side and mobile applications. Very complex logic, along with the device integration, was really a challenge for me but I was able to figure out them with team members. 

Senior Frontend Developer

Kohab  •  January 2017 - April 2019

One of the biggest real-estate agencies in Australia. The Aurelia framework was the main technology we used for this company. Developed a responsive web application with Aurelia and Typescript. Collaborated with designers to resolve UX problems, improve operations, and provide exceptional customer service. Worked with company representatives to fully gather a sense of the style and feel of the design. Mocked AirBnb business logic with our own features and functionalities. 

Frontend Lead Engineer

SKAEL  •  December 2016 - January 2019

Served as a core team member of a big data pipeline that consisted of billions of records, spanning many machines and petabytes of data. Developed core features that eventually led to the acquisition of the company. Developed company management admin panel, using Angular and other modern technologies. Built the Font-End of Babelfish - Real-Time Communication Web app similar with Slack, integrated with a strong Video Conferencing feature with ML/AI support. 

Full-Stack Engineer

ShipEZ Inc  •  April 2015 - March 2017

Designed the application architecture and built it using Typescript, Angular, and Nest.js. Led the developers completing code reviews to achieve maintainable and high-quality code. Integrated a real-time WebSocket to see all changes immediately. Mentored experienced developers who were new to Angular + Nest.js. Followed the Google Material Design and Fuse theme, while completing this project, contributed Fuse Theme as a contributor. 

Angular Developer

SohoMuse  •  December 2013 - April 2015

Developed a web app to manage active building maintenance from scratch. Fixed bugs and implemented new features per the requirements, under the technical guidance of the CTO. Meteor.js and Angular were the main technologies we built as an admin panel for musicians and artists who’s not familiar with Linkedin and other online job platforms. Having such a large number of registered users from diff erent countries. CEO was also a singer and songwriter. 



Computer science  •  2011 - 2015

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Technology

Tsinghua University

Machine Learning  •  2009 - 2011

My software engineering career has begun



  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript / TypeScript
  • Angular
  • React.js
  • Vue.js
  • Aurelia Framework
  • Svelt.js
  • Next.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • Meteor.js

  • PHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • Nest.js
  • Express.js
  • Sails.js
  • Ionic Framework
  • React Native
  • Python / Django
  • Flask
  • Java
  • Java Spring Frameworks
  • Rust
  • Golang
  • Echo(Go)
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL


  • GitHub
  • BitBucket
  • GitLab
  • SVN
  • MSTS
  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • GCP
  • Vagrant
  • GraphQL
  • Elastic Search
  • NX
  • Monorepo
  • Testing(unit, e2e, ab)
  • Electron
  • NGRX
  • Apollo
  • State Management
  • Docker

  • Solidity
  • Smart Contract
  • Tokenomics
  • NFT marketplace
  • DEX
  • DeFi
  • Remix
  • Truffle
  • Hardhat
  • Opensea


  • Chinese
  • English


Seidat Admin Panel

Platform For Winning Sales Flow (Seidat - presentation platform for business teams)

  • Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, Blame
  • Meteor.js, MongoDB, mongoose, Nx Monorepo architecture
  • React.js, Meteor blame
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • GCP, Amazon, Heroku
  • GitHub, GitHub Actions
  • Slack, Jira
  • Swagger, Jira Confluence, Google Doc

United Hardscapes

Company website and Hardscaping kits marketplace with the admin panel

  • Typescript, HTML, CSS
  • Nest.js, PostgreSQL, TypeORM,
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Unit Test, e2e Test
  • Nest.js, React.js
  • Route 53, Cloudfront, S3 Bucket, EC2, Godaddy
  • GitHub, GitHub Packages, GitHub Actions
  • Figma, Zeplin, Invisionapp
  • Slack, ZenHub
  • Swagger, Google Doc

J & D Landscaping

Company website and Hardscaping management portal for J & D Landscaping Ltd. 

  • Typescript, HTML, CSS
  • Nest.js, PostgreSQL, TypeORM,
  • Angular, SSR, PWA (for v1)
  • Material Design, Bootstrap 4, Tailwind CSS
  • Unit Test, e2e Test
  • Route 53, Cloudfront, S3 Bucket, EC2, Godaddy
  • GitHub, GitHub Packages, GitHub Actions
  • Figma, Zeplin, Invisionapp
  • Slack, ZenHub
  • Swagger, Google Doc

HawkAyes NFTs

Smart contract development & web3.js integration

  • Solidity, Typescript
  • Smart Contract, Token, DEX, De-Fi, NFT
  • Remix, Opeansea
  • Tokenomics, NFT Marketplace
  • BSC Network
  • Web3.js, Next.js, Nest.js, React.js
  • Tailwind CSS
  • GitHub, GitHub Actions
  • Slack, ZenHub

Iron Hawk Website

Iron Hawk Insurance company website.

  • Typescript, HTML, CSS
  • Angular, Bootstrap 4, Material Design
  • Heroku
  • GitHub, Circle CI
  • Invisionapp
  • Slack

Linalgo Website

Linalgo AI Software agency company website.

  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • Express.js, MongoDB
  • Jquery, Bootstrap 4, Wordpress
  • GCP, Heroku
  • GitHub, Circle CI
  • Figma


SKAEL admin portal, also company website landing page

  • Go, Python, Java, Javascript, Typescript, Rust
  • Echo, Django, Express
  • Node.js, Microservice architecture, PostgreSQL, B2B Model
  • go.js, jsPlumb, twilio,
  • Unit Test, e2e Test

Americabuild Technology Admin Portal

Amerciabuild Permit management admin portal

  • Java, Spring, PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • B2B Model
  • Unit Test, e2e Test

Ace it (Mobile App)

  • Python
  • Django, PostgreSQL, Nest.js
  • GCP
  • GitHub, Circle CI
  • Slack, ZenHub
  • Swagger, Google Doc


Crime Report admin panel, for Forecourteye.

  • C#, Typescript, HTML, CSS
  •, Microsoft SQL
  • Angular, Bootstrap 3
  • Azure
  • BitBucket, BitBucket Pipeline
  • Invisionapp
  • Slack, Trello
  • Google Doc

Intelico One

Intelico one, security assets management admin portal.

  • C#, Typescript, HTML, CSS
  •, Microsoft SQL
  • B2B Model
  • Angular, Bootstrap 4, os.js, Ngrx
  • Azure
  • BitBucket, BitBucket Pipeline
  • Invisionapp
  • Slack, Trello
  • Postman, Google Doc

ShipEZ Admin Portal

ShipEZ admin management portal

  • Typescript, HTML, CSS
  • Nest.js, TypeORM, PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • B2B Model
  • Angular, Material Design
  • Unit Test, e2e Test
  • GitHub, Circle CI
  • Slack, Jira Confluence