Livanshu Kashyap

Looking for exciting opportunities in data science. Interests are machine learning, data analytics, ETL pipelines, cloud computing, and business optimization.

  Mississauga, ON, Canada     (437)986-2206      [email protected]

Certified Skills


   Python for ML      Tableau      MySQL     Cloud Practitioner*     Machine Learning*   

Master of Engg.  µMasters - Data Science         


Mobile app development using Ionic + React for cross platforms

Independent Project  •   Dec 2020 — Present

Developing a mobile app using Ionic + React. The application would take input from users using forms and then generate a PDF report according to the input data. Designing UI/UX and using AWS Cloud for backend services. The project is at the initial stage but I have learned few basic key skills like HTML (for forms),  API's, Node.js (simulation) etc. 

Stock Index prediction using different ML classifiers

Course name: AI & ML fundamentals - McMaster University  •  May 2020 – Aug 2020

Data collection, preprocessing and tuning. Data was taken from UCI ML database. Training/Testing 75:25. Used different classifiers like Regression, LDA, KNN, SVM, Naive Bayesian, AdaBoost etc. to predict if the stock would go up or down in Python. Used different visualizations for results like ROC-AUC, confusion matrix etc.

Quality Control using PCA Eigen faces

Course name: Multivariate Big Data Analysis - McMaster University •  Jan 2020 – Apr 2020

Controlling quality of a pump impeller using camera images. The images are pixelated, gray scaled and processed to check if they are under quality specifications. The processing involves performing Principle Component Analysis on image data matrix by training/testing defective and okay images.

Soft Skills

Extra Curricular

  •     Captain — Soccer Intramural — McMaster University 
  •     Books
  •     Developing mobile apps

Python Libraries

numpy, scikit-learn, pandas, matplotlib, seaborn, tensorflow etc.

Tableau & SQL

Tableau story & dashboard. MySQL/DB2 queries, RDBMS concepts.

ML & Classifiers

Modern algorithms, Data preprocess, tune, training/testing, Performance of classifiers.

MS Excel & Optimization

VBA, Excel Solvers. Differential evolution, GA, Particle swarm etc. *ongoing


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MicroMasters in Statistics and Data Science - Part time  •  2020 - Present

Courses: Probability, Fundamentals of Statistics, ML with Python, Statistical models, Capstone project

McMaster University

Master of Engineering Manufacturing Engineering - Full time - GPA 3.3/4 •  2019 – 2020

Courses: AI & ML fundamentals, Sustainable manufacturing processes, Prototyping tools and methods, Multivariate big data analysis, System modulation and optimization.

Thapar University

Bachelor of Engineering Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation  - Full time - GPA 3.7/4 •  2016 – 2019

Work Experience

FC Associate

Amazon, Brampton YYZ4 •  May 2020 – August 2020   Part-time

  • Worked as a fulfillment centre employee due to loss of the co-op term because of Covid19 pandemic

Project Associate

Felton Brushes Ltd  •  September 2019 – March 2020 Part-time

  • Production planning and scheduling, optimization techniques, daily production reports
  • Six Sigma, Kaizen implementation

Research & Development Co-op

LG Electronics  •  January 2018 – June 2018   Full time

  • IEC 607XX Standard testing and certifications of Microwave Ovens,
    Washers, ACs and Refrigerators.
  • Product development and Safety testing before Mass Production.

Engineer Production

Exicom Tele-Systems Limited  •  August 2014 – January 2016   Full time

  • Production floor supervisor managing operators and process flow
  • Complete documentation ISO9001-ISO14001 and ISO Audit operations 
  • Coordinate with other departments to produce & deliver goods on time
  • Project management entailing planning & resource utilization Bharti, ATC,
    Reliance, Vodafone

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