Lorence Tsai

Graduated from Tamkang University, major was in Information Management, I am a skilled and keen agile software developer, specialising in development, I use many different technologies to design and develop appropriate applications.

E-Commerce、 Insurance、Video Streaming、 Monitor Software

Phone : 0986810117

Country : Taiwan
Email : [email protected]

Backend Skill


  • Python
  • .NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • MSSQL 
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL


  • Jenkins
  • Automated Test
  • AWS Api Gateway
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS EC2


  • Docker
  • GraphQL 
  • Socket
  • WebSocket
  • RabbitMQ
  • PowerShell
  • Redis
  • ETL
  • TDD
  • jQuery

About ME


Familiar with feasibility analysis and seek out best practices, have system flow drawing skill.


Familiar with systems dev life cycle, possesses experience in agile development and quality delivery.


Work across multiple projects in a fast-paced environment, leading tasks of various sizes and complexity

Employment Career

Sellerlinx,  Backend Senior Leader             Oct 2020 ~ Now

Implement Serverless, create infrastructure and work flow,
- Main technical: AWS、Python、MySQL.
- Create serverless api used lambda and api getway. 

- Design workflow on VS Code extension and aws cdk to deploy lambda layer. 

- Implement docker deploy to ecs.

- Implement validator and exception handler.

- Performance tuning for bulk create flow. 

- Integration shopee open api.

91APP,  Engineer,                                             May 2019 ~ Oct 2020

Learned high-load web applications and develop about cloud service. 

- Main technical: AWS、.NET Core、.NET MVC、Angular、Container. 

- Create web api for offline merge online. 

- Developed on bulk file import flow. 

- Developed ETL on flow. 

- Facebook offline convertion third party api integration. 

- Developed promotion system 

Tecyt, Senior Engineer                                     Nov 2017 ~ Jun 2019

Learned system analyst, understand how to conceptualized planned and executed original design for a wide range of website properties. 

- Main technical: .NET MVC、MSSQL、jQuery. 

- Lead project delivery of official web and cms(hiyes), used elasticsearch and WebSocket. 

- Lead project delivery of mechant report system(gamania),  

  Used UTM to trace user info for game merchant report. 

- Developed online insurance system(bolemei). 

- developed core library.

Tecyt, Engineer                                   Nov 2015 ~ Jun 2017

Learned system develop life cycle, understand OOD design and variety of design pattern.

 - Main technical: .NET MVC、MSSQL、jQuery. 

 - Developed complex responsive official web. 

 - Stationed at gamania, maintained streaming media(Coture) used WebSocket.

 - Stationed at gamania, maintained crowdfunding platform(WeBackers).


Tamkang University, Information management, 2011 ~ 2015

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